Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nothing to Apologize For

Hmmm, it occurs to me that after posting my professions of love for old school bards and Blackrazor, folks may think me a munchkin of the highest regard.  So before we go a little too far let me just confess something up front:

I have never wielded the black blade.

That is to say, I have never played a character that found, stole, or wielded Blackrazor in any capacity.  In fact, while I have run White Plume Mountain for different groups on multiple occasions, I have never played a character in a campaign where WPM was part of the game world.  I never had a chance to carry the blade myself.  Heck, I never really wanted to...and while I've played "evil" characters in the past, Chaotic (of the neutral, good, or evil variety) was never one of my preferred alignment characters would not have been able to wield Blackrazor even if it had been available in the campaign.

My profound respect for the weapon comes from what I've seen it do from a DM's point of view...and please be patient with me, the 'actual play' posts are coming.  But I just want to set the record straight...while I have played bards and wielded vorpal blades and (once upon a time) a most beloved hammer of thunderbolts, I have never taken up Blackrazor.  I have never felt its power as a player.

Perhaps I am envious?

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