Monday, June 30, 2014

Warriors of the Red Planet Beta

Thomas Denmark's Warriors of the Red Planet is now available as a Beta version from Lulu for a measly $4. I follow the man's Original Edition Fantasy blog solely for the beautiful artwork, and WotRP looks like a fantastic piece of work...especially exciting, if you're interested in a Sword & Planet type game based on Burrough's Barsoom (who isn't?) using an OD&D style ruleset (ditto).

Unfortunately, being in Paraguay means I can't get this myself. Dammit.

I had some all-too-brief rules in Book 3 of Five Ancient Kingdoms for converting 5AK to this kind of setting, but Thomas has chosen to go "whole hog" and I salute him for it. Hopefully, some version of Warriors of the Red Planet will be available when I get back to the States.

You can purchase it here. The forum for discussion on gameplay is here.

Sword & Gun fantasy on the Red Frontier!


  1. Man, I've been waiting for this game for what seems like a lifetime! Gotta get ahold of this puppy. Thanks for the head up!

  2. Lule is running a -20% off solstice sale that works with this. The coupon code is (caps) JFS20. I cant wait for my copy to get here!

  3. Was the $4 price temporary? I just went and it $16.50.

  4. It's possible the price increased. My TOTAL price (with printing, shipping & handling) was $12.92, but that was in August.

    Yes, I broke down and purchased the thing, even though I'm residing in Paraguay. It has been waiting at my house in Seattle for three months now.
    : (