Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Last Day In Paradise

This time tomorrow I will be winging my way through the air, bound for Paraguay. Again. This time, I will be taking and additional child and seven or eight huge-ass suitcases, most of which will be filled with diapers (quick fun fact: diaper quality in Paraguay is pretty least by us highfalutin' Americans' standards).  The next time I'll see beautiful Seattle will be November...though not till after my 41st birthday.

I don't have time for melancholy at the moment, which is what I really want to indulge in right now. Suffice is to say, I have a full day today, and it is packed chock-full with all that "last minute stuff." Hopefully I'll have some time to write in a couple days-weeks, once we've gotten settled. I will say I've had some B/X notions on my mind I have time to write a couple down? Well...

[the wife is still upstairs with the baby...we'll see]

Actually, no...we need to be somewhere in ten minutes...what the heck are they doing?! Ugh...better get this show on the road. Sorry!

[yak at y'all later...PS it is a sunny, beautiful day]

: )


  1. Back in the 90s when I was El Presidente de Paraguay, I instated the national practice of Tranquillo, whereby everything shut down for three hours at noontime so we could take naps.

    It was a pretty sweet deal until I was overthrown by six octagenarian Nazis named Pedro who blew a mustard gas cigar in my face and chucked me in the trunk of a 1974 Trebant and drove me to the border with Argentina.

    Good steaks in Argentine.