Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Different Type of Paradise

For fans of World Cup soccer, there's very little better than being unemployed in Paraguay with a great television set during the (not scorching hot) winter months. Even with two small children, it's not too bad as the wife's still on maternity leave, and she's a huge soccer nut (fast fun fact: I'd never heard of this "World Cup" thang prior to meeting her in 1998...and I played soccer for 8 or 9 years myself).

Great, great action so far, and quite a bit more exciting than I remember in past years (excessive scoring, great goal-tending, come-from-behind victories, more hustle, less "flopping"). Maybe I'm just getting a better appreciation for the game...who knows? Anyway, that accounts for about half of my non-posting distraction

[fast fun fact: when your lightbulbs explode in Paraguay, sometimes it's the electrical cables that need fixing!]

...but what accounts for the rest of you bloggers? Presumably, most of you are Americans who ain't much into "futbol" and have to work during the day anyway. Is it just the summertime thing starting up?

Well, more from me later (really!). Gotta' go pick up the boy from daycare, then I've got some shopping to do (still setting up down here), then I can  relax with a little England v. Uruguay action.

8 )


  1. That's the difference between US Americans like you und and those like me, who live in Germany. For us, Soccer is just everything when it comes to sports :)
    Have fun watching the world cup, but don't forget to write about cool OSR stuff ;) Cheers!

  2. It's been a weird tournament so far with Spain out and Brazil looking wobbly. Of the big footballing nations only Germany seem strong. I can't wait to see what the last sixteen looks like.

    1. And now England and Spain are both out. At least Rooney finally netted!

  3. @Kelvin
    Concerning Germany: We did well against Portugal, but I don't think that the team will go very far beyond. Seems like a World Cup of smaller nations. But hey, that keeps it interesting :)


    Easily the best WC I have seen. (Started watching in 1994.)

    Jealous that you get to be in a country taht cares, but back in the states it sure seems like interest in it has picked up. The number of great games that are not 0-0 and 1-0 bore fests sure helps!

    The USA is not only going to beat Germany in the group stage, but in the final as well!


  5. I've had a good time watching the football. The leagues we get regularly in the US are near the bottom in terms of quality, which is part of the reason it never catches on. I had the good opportunity to live in England for two years growing up, so I have some appreciation for rugby, soccer and cricket.

    The other part of the reason is we have a lot of good sports to watch here, and the youth leagues split the best athletes between soccer and American football (and other sports I guess, but those are the two biggies in the fall).

    Soccer in the US is simultaneously the sport of the past and the sport of the future, without ever becoming the sport of the present.

    But every four years I lift my own moratorium on mindless TV watching to be swept away by World Cup fever.

    1. No reason not to...quality play abounds, plus I love the rivalry of nations myself.

  6. I was surprised by how much fun the Ivory Coast/Japan match was to watch, as I had no idea what to expect from either team. It was also great to see that goal slip through the Russian goalkeeper's fingers (TAKE THAT, RUSSIA!)

    France/Switzerland today was just painful to watch. Those poor Swiss.

    1. Heck, I thought the Mexico-Brazil draw was a great game (with some brilliant goaltending) and today's Iran - Argentina match was enthralling. Sad that Iran could outplay the blue and white the entire match and then concede a goal to Messi's left foot in the 91st minute. Too bad.

    2. Man, Iran/Argentina was excellent.

      I'm a little angry about the Bosnian goal being disallowed. He was definitely not offside.

      Ah, well, it's still a good game.