Friday, June 10, 2011

Fat Frog Challenge - Last Call!

Only a couple hours left to submit entries to the Fat Frog Challenge. Hell, it doesn't even have to be an adventure per se, but give me a good kernel...a nugget of a scenario...that is somehow wrapped within the concept of the toad's bloated carcass.

Like a water chestnut wrapped in bacon. Mmm!
: P

I have made it a point not to read a single entry yet, and I am excited about sifting through the email...there's been quite a few takers, and I know you folks are a pretty creative bunch (yes, all of you). Ugh...I should probably got to sleep before midnight, but I'll probably stay up long enough for a quick peak, just out of curiosity.

Or maybe not...I was dozing in-and-out of consciousness most of the day (sometimes my job is soooo boring, and I had this sunshine coming through the window and heating my head, etc.). I may just call it a night around 11ish, 11:30. Since I'm not paying too close attention to date stamps, it's possible that a couple of you might sneak in after the deadline officially closes. If I don't look at 'em till morning, who's to say which ones came to late?
; )

Idle thoughts...I'm already starting to drift off right now. Maybe the beagles have the right idea..........

Oh, man...just drifted off right there! I'll be signing off now!

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