Tuesday, June 7, 2011


In case anyone's wondering, my internet is still having problems, and my physical health has continued to be terrible, leading to an over-all lack of posting.

Still that hasn't kept new followers from hitching their wagons to the B/X Blackrazor bandwagon...300 followers! Pretty cool...though I'm pretty sure one is my wife and she almost never reads what I write...

Anyway, I did notice this a couple days back but didn't feel like mentioning it for the silly reason that I am still only "Pundit" level. I hate being a pundit...and I've been stuck at that level a loooong time. Looking forward to being an acknowledged Sage at level 8; only 20 more followers to go!

Still, it's a nice little milestone for a guy who started this thing writing on his days off over coffee at the local eateries. Though not nearly as impressive to me as the fact that I am quickly approaching my 1000th post. Holy crap! That is an awful lot of verbal spillage I have splashed around the internet. I wonder if hitting such a milestone will signal My Internet Doom. Perhaps I will be eaten by an owl bear! Or maybe my blog will...

All right, all right...I'm a little loopy right now (sick...did I mention?). I'm going to sign out for now hoping the morning will bring a brighter topic of interest for everyone.

By the way: the Fat Frog Challenge continues. I've only received a handful of entries so far, so don't be shy...right now your odds of winning are fairly good. Of course, there's no real prize being offered. C'est la vie. Maybe I'll mail the winner my copy of The (Three Castles Award Winning!) Dungeon Alphabet...or some other handy piece of Old School swag. Maybe. I'll think of something. I haven't read a single one of the entries yet, so I can't even say who's the leader(s) in the contest. I know my own Frog-inspired adventure lies woefully un-finished (though it does have a kick-ass name). Remember the deadline is 11:59pm (PST) Friday!

Okay, okay...time to settle in for the night...


  1. I hope you get better soon. I've been ill for a week, and while I'm on the mend now, it's no fun. Have lots of fluids, and lots of rest!

  2. Well done, on both reaching 300 and 1000 :)

  3. 300. Very cool. Sorry you still don't feel good.

  4. Pretty cool...though I'm pretty sure one is my wife and she almost never reads what I write...

    At least your wife bothered to click "Follow" on your blog. Mine didn't. :) Although, I guess to give her some credit, she did actually play in my campaign for about 8 years until we had a baby and she had to "take a hit for the team" to watch the wee one so I could continue DM'ing.

    I have just over 10% of your followers. Yay, me. Haha.

    Congrats, and feel better.

  5. Congrats to the milestones! May there be many more followers and posts!

  6. I see you're up to 302...only 18 for sage. Congrats. It'll be a while before I get there.

  7. @ Tim: The funny thing is, I seem to get more followers when I DON'T post than when I do. Go figure.

    @ Everyone: Thanks, and I AM feeling better...about 92% of normal. Being sick has managed to ween me off the coffee (none since Sunday), which I think will improve my overall nervous system and sleep cycle.
    ; )

  8. When I'm sick, I can't even stand the smell of coffee. It's weird how that is. Glad your at 92 percent.