Sunday, June 5, 2011

Completely Embarrassed

I was trying to organize my notes from last week's game session, and realized I cannot for the life of me remember what the hell happened. I have had to email my players to get them to tell me.

No, I didn't black out...I was sick and I was drinking heavily, but I can still recall dividing the check, and helping Randy with his new character, and haranguing Josh on the drive home regarding artwork for the new book.

But I cannot recall how we ended the session. It seems pretty bizarre that I would have ended the session with the PCs still in the dungeon, but I don't recall them leaving (and they were in a pretty difficult position to do so anyway).

Ugh. Ridiculous.

I think part of the problem was last Thursday was a particularly bad night for my son (he only slept 3 hours and my wife woke me up around 3 or 4 to help out), so I didn't get much sleep. And I've continued to get worse (illness-wise) as the weekend's gone on.

In fact, I'm going to bed now...hopefully I'll have a clearer head in the morning and remember some stuff.
: (


  1. We record sessions for this reason with the understanding that they will never be shared out and deleted after the next session. It's mostly for me as DM, but we've used it once or twice when there was a dispute as to what happened. If you're at a pub, just an iPhone recording on the table might suffice..

  2. Oh that. I do that all the time, but luckily for me there are a bunch of kids in my group and those guys never forget a thing. They even remember every detail of our first ever campaign several years ago.

  3. Everytime I ask about something in the past gaming session suddenly a dead rat, three coppers and a bend wire are a killed highpriest, a million in gold and a wand of dragon control...
    Then we all laugh and I give them a random encounter with Tiamat.

  4. Hey, rest up and get well. I need "The Complete Adveturer." :)

  5. Heh, in JB's defense, I think we're all a bit hazy, but it was a combination of beer and closing time sneaking up on us. There is a weird, "I know we would have done this, but I honestly can't remember saying we did," sense about a lot of stuff that evening. Maybe they WERE gassing us.

  6. Congrats on a milestone! 300 followers! WoOt!