Sunday, April 24, 2011

Twilight Calling???

Has anyone ever played or run the 1986 adventure module M3: Twilight Calling? I had never heard of this particular TSR offering, though it was written by Tom Moldvay (for all I know this was the last adventure module Moldvay wrote for TSR...certainly it was one of the later ones written). Any information is appreciated...thanks!

[and, yes, I've already read the wikipedia entry]


  1. This is the module that introduced the Carnifex, a race which has spawned schools of thought within the Mystara fan community. I have the module, but I have never used it in play.

  2. This is sitting in the bathroom at work here for poop reading (all the other modules people threw in there have been stolen) and I tell you, it is the worst module I have read to date. Just a string of high level combats against entities of various colors with a single paragraph of description in the little box for each with the thinest plot thread/character motivation you can imagine. The art is atrocious as well.