Monday, April 18, 2011


I was just reading this post over at Cyclopeatron, and I was thinking "hey, I do everything on this list, maybe that's why my games are generally good.

Wait. Everything? Everything? Um...

#2 Turn down the background music...

I play in a bar. Or rather, a (closed) restaurant attached to an (open) bar. A bar that has taken to having a rather loud and obnoxious karaoke night on Thursdays the last few months.

As with my beagles howling, I've tried to simply "tune it out." As with the howling, sometimes I just don't succeed. I ENJOY karaoke, I love people having a means to creatively express themselves (poorly or not), I like to sing myself...

But it is terribly anti-conducive to role-playing.

Part of why I wanted to play at the Baranof was to BE out in public...take D&D "out of the closet" so to speak, show off the old school gaming on display. Another part was having a big, empty game space, that served beer and happened to be two blocks from my home and next door to my local game shop. All these things were PROs that outweighed (for me) the main CON: shitty beer selection.

But I am starting to open my eyes now to something to which I've been blinding myself. The bar has thrown an even bigger "CON" into the mix and I've been desperately trying to ignore it.

Ugh. Ugh, ugh, ugh...

Where else am I going to go?

I can't have the game at my house...I have a sleeping family. The other local bars are just as loud and ugly without the nice (closed) dining room/seating area. And I really don't relish the idea of going farther away than I can walk (I like my drink a little too much too often).


After a minor scandal over last Thursdays near-TPK due in part to noise pollution making for miscommunication, I realize I need to do something to prevent a full-blown mutiny. Crap.


Time to get some sleep.


  1. I take it that multiple noise-canceling headphones with microphones, all linked together, isn't an option?

  2. I think theres a certain amount of style to playing in a bar. I mean is it really that bad? I also never realized that I was in the closet in the first place. Perhaps Ièll have a coming out party or something.

  3. @Zombiecowboy:

    What's up with your apostrophe? It's showing up as an "è".

  4. @Zombiecowboy: A coming Out party? Hmmmm...I like the idea. although it might confuse some of your friends! ;)

  5. @ All:

    We may be trying a different night in the future, but for now I think I'll just have to "grin and bear it." Hopefully my players won't mutiny on me!