Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Non-Gaming Post

Sorry...I'm hanging at the Baranof, eating a butterhorn, drinking coffee, and catching up on the blogs, and I just found a great new blog that has ZERO to do with RPGs:

Why do I bother mentioning it? Because I've added it to my blog roll, that's why! Sorry, folks...I know the "theme" here is table-top gaming, not grid iron action. I figured I should just mention the reason for the single, non-gaming blog on the blog roll. And that's 'cause I'M a Seahawks Diehard, too!

Thank you for your indulgence.
: )


  1. News Alert

    JB stock took a dive today as his secret passion for watching large sweaty men running into each other on a grassy field was revealed. Analysts hope that nervous investors will be willing to set aside such weaknesses and focus on the quality of the gaming core that JB represents. We will keep you updated on this story as it develops.

  2. Hi JB -- My blog is named The Happy Whisk but my Jelly Roll is filled with writers, gamers, bakers, cooks, photographers, and artists. Who cares what the rules are. I got a bag of mixed nuts and I love it.

    PS: What's a butterhorn?

  3. @ Greg: I promise I will try to get my stock up with some kick-ass posts tomorrow.
    ; )

    @ Happy Whisk: Thanks for dropping by...I LOVE cooking blogs!

    A butterhorn is something a bit like a bearclaw...kind of a buttery danish, heated up and served with coffee. Terribly tasty, but O So Bad for you!
    : )

  4. Hi JB -- ohhhh, I gotta try a buttercorn. Thanks for telling me what it was.

    Happy Posting :-)