Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me - Again!

Just in case anyone's wondering...I'm taking a lazy weekend for myself. Mostly, anyway. If I blog at all, expect it to be half-assed, as my mind is elsewhere. I'm feeling self-indulgent.
: )

And speaking of self-indulgence, as I snack on tasty marzipan purchased O So Long Ago in Spain, I am reminded that I never did put up any photos from my trip. Here's a photo of me with my sword and the sword-maker, Mariano Zamorano:

[I'm the taller one]

And for those who are more into the "sweet side" of life than the sharp side, here's what else you can find in Toledo:

All right, that's it for now. Hope everyone's having a good Saturday!


  1. Grognardia has a "Cool Hats" posting.

    Feel free to squeal like a school girl...

    We won't judge...

  2. Happy Birthday to you again and enjoy your lazy weekend. Thanks for posting the photos and including food.

    James posted hats, I posted popcorn and not even homemade -- it's just that kind of fun day.

    Been in my jammies all day, watching Lucy. Tim's bringing home McDonalds and I'm going to try my first McNugget.

    Life is good. Enjoy.

  3. Happy birthday, fellow Scorpio!

    (Awesome sword, btw)

  4. I'd sing you my family's traditional birthday song, but it's rather morbid (stuff about death and tragedy in the world, but I hope you're having a happy birthday)

    So, your celebrating your ... 29th?


  5. wow - it so happens it's my birthday as well - havent been here in a while, glad i stopped by - recently incorporated your version of the Bard from the B/X Companion - cheers

  6. Thanks, folks!

    Hmmm...someone thought this post was "shite." Well, happy birthday to YOU, too, buddy!

  7. Yeah it makes no sense to tell a guy who is clearly seen to be buying a SWORD in said post that his birthday is "shite". So...happy birthday!

  8. @ Ck: least I didn't make it another gratuitous Seahawks post (much as I was tempted to do so this weekend)!
    ; )

  9. Fine by me, my other fantasy obsession is with fantasy football and I have Hasselbeck as my second string.

  10. Sorry for posting now, but I discovered your blog yesterday (a fantastic blog!).

    Happy birthday! I'm glad you liked Spain and Toledo, and I didn't now that "mazapanes" where called "marzipanes" in english. Funny things you learn in a rpg blog...

  11. @ Wachinayn:

    Mazapan is spelled "mazapan;" however, I pronounce it like a retarded American ("marzipan") and spelled it incorrectly. And, yes, there should be an accent over the final "a" as well.
    ; )

  12. Yes, Mazapán. :)

    My girlfriend is from Toledo (I'm from Madrid) and I eat them a lot. My favourites are the ones with pine nuts: "Empiñonados".