Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Nice Easter Sunday...

Right up until the house fire two doors down.

No one was hurt, thankfully, but a family got burned out of their home. The Red Cross was going to put them up in a hotel, we gave them some blankets and shoes, an extra sweater and a jacket...but it's really not enough.

I don't even know their names...they just moved in a month ago.

Ugh. Real life. So much tougher than rolling dice and figuring out the best ways for bearding a basilisk in its den...

I'm going to bed. G'night, folks.


  1. Ug, that's terrible! Nice of you to help out. Hope they get back on their feet all right.

    Anyway, hope your Easter was better.

  2. I thought you were Chaotic?

    What's with the helping other people?

    Unless you started....Oh...

    Good job!