Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Haggard Geezer

Chaotic Warrior (Level 2 Fighter)

STR 13 (+1, +5%)
INT 10
WIS 15 (+1)
DEX 12
CON 3 (-3)
CHA 13 (+1)

AC: 3 or 2 (with shield)
Hit Points: 8
XP: 2,251

Equipment: Sword +1 (HeartThorn), hand axe, pole arm, short bow, 20 arrows, silver dagger, plate mail, shield, backpack, torches (6), tinderbox, wineskin (full), waterskin, rope (50'), iron spikes (12), mallet, iron rations (2 weeks), large sack, small sack

Tale: In five decades of campaigning I've seen many battles, and many men die...good and bad, just and unjust. I've seen no one spared by the gods or 'karma' for good deeds they've done, and I've seen many a villainous rogue survive, victorious through dastardly deeds. Luck...happy chance and misfortunate the governing force in this world, and those that doubt it take an arrow in the gullet soon enough. I've lived this long by making my own luck whenever possible, as my continued existence bears evidence.

The years have taken their toll, though. I wear the miles travelled like a heavy cloak, and every New Spring means another victory over Old Man Winter...but the battle grows harder as my age grinds heavier. I have commanded many men, all of whom have died in my charge, for loyalty is no shield against the orcish sword and goblin sting.

Dragons and magic? Yes, I've heard legends and children's tales aplenty. But the elves hide in their forests and the dwarves in their mountain caves and men must fight men for one's own place in this world. We live in a dark age, an Axe Age, and only the strongest will live to tell tales of their deeds. And even those are nothing, for entropy comes to swallow us all when our time is at an end.


  1. Thank you for this. Five decades of campaigning and he's barely second level. This really puts the world into perspective. It's harsh, it's cold and it's grim.

  2. I was actually rather inspired with the description of "Chaotic" alignment in the Basic rules.
    : )