Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 28th

I am totally aware of the date.

A few months back I set a deadline of May for the release of my B/X Companion and I fully intend to keep that release date. I realize there’s only a couple-three days left in the month, but I promise you won’t see another month go be without the Companion being released in SOME shape or form.

And by the way, it IS shaping up nicely.

Even so, I’m feeling a bit behind the 8-ball due to my recent illness/injury (excuses, excuses). But I am finally on some good drugs thanks to my medical doctor, and I am pleased to announce my first pain-free full night’s sleep last night.

[side note: why is it I can get $500 (street value) worth of Percocet for a 54 cent co-pay, but my insurance only pays peanuts for chiropractic care, limited to 10 adjustments per year? THIS is the problem with health care today…keep ‘em on drugs rather than fix their spinal-nerve damage]

ANYway…I hope to be able to do some work in front of the computer this evening (before drifting off into a narcotic slumber), but it still looks to be a fairly busy week for me. My brother, AB, is arriving tonight on a 10pm flight out of the Deep South where he’s been fighting the good fight against the coal companies (and who have apparently started to thump back, forcing his exodus)…homeless and jobless once again, I will be picking up the Rainman from SeaTac and bringing him home for a little “beagle therapy.” THEN my father is breezing into town tomorrow night, and we’ll all be meeting up with him and his wife for dinner (after a therapeutic spinal adjustment).

Of course, April 30th is Friday, so I should have the whole day free, right? Except it appears I’ll be baby-sitting our friends’ five month old baby while they celebrate their anniversary. Hmmm…

Ugh. Well, May is the deadline for release, and I’m doing what I can to have everything finished up, regardless of distractions. Wish me luck, folks.
: )


  1. Doesn't matter if you release this later than you've announced, just as long as you're happy with the result.

  2. Ha! Dave, if I don't hold myself to SOME deadlines (and somewhat accountable) I'll never get it out!

    : )