Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I take a few days off from the blog and the artwork comes FLOODING in.

Ravenconspiracy has emailed me a slew of pieces, most of which can be viewed on his new blog Drawings and Dragons. I'm so glad that my desperate pleas for artwork have inspired someone to start expressing themselves on-line. In words or pictures (or song if that suits your fancy), I stand for the possibility of full self-expression from all individuals, and I encourage everyone to find an outlet. RC obviously has a talent for the pencils (and a willingness to share his talents)...those looking for an artist for their project might want to check out his work.

My "regulars" (as I think of the guys that have already contributed multiple pieces) also came through with some more great stuff. Still looking for a real cover leaf though...and a cover artist. I've had a couple suggestions I plan on following-up with this weekend...we'll see how THAT goes.

Once again a huge THANK YOU to everyone who's interest (and contributions) have encouraged me to stick with this project. Talk about a push! Just a couple more walls to break down and this thing will be rolling out. You folks are awesome!

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