Friday, March 19, 2010

Now THAT Was Tough

Put together my Top Twenty list for the first round of judging in the One Page Dungeon Contest. Wow...reading through 'em wasn't nearly as challenging as making the cuts/picks.

All the judges are in agreement that the slew of entries we received are all of excellent quality...just picking twenty was tough...hell, my first pass through the list I had nearly half (over 30) in my "must have" category. Cutting THAT down to 20...ugh, I worry I might have dropped a couple really good ones. Ah, well.

Just want all entrants to know they should be really proud of the work they did. Many of these dungeons/adventures are well worth playing, not just reading. I know I'D love to run a couple of 'em.

I purposefully haven't looked at the other judges picks yet, as I didn't want to be influenced in my picks or my categories (we had to list suggested award categories). Categories wasn't nearly as challenging and actually helped with the narrowing of the entries...though I did, at the last second, decide to discard the "Best Evil Halfling Adventure" category. What is it with evil halflings? I was truly surprised to see how many times the little guys popped up as antagonists, even entries onto wandering monster tables! What the hell? No one trusts these runty little guys?

Anyway...that's something I can cross off my to do list...


  1. I've just recently discovered the 2009 One Page Dungeon pdf. Excellent stuff. Too late to make my own entry, unfortunately. I hope you'll all share the contestant entries again! I'm looking forward to seeing what 2010 has in store!