Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh...And About Gary

Speaking of "leveling up..."

There were a lot of posts yesterday remembering the passing of Gary Gygax on March 4, 2008. I'm not exactly sure why this was (a Canadian tradition perhaps of mourning every year? I know in Mexico they do the cross-raising on the one-year anniversary).

As the premier founder of our RPG tradition/industry (Dungeons & Dragons may have been co-created, but Mr. Gygax undoubtably led the promotion of said game into rec rooms of our youth), I don't mind celebrating the guy as a note-worthy figure. But around these parts, we tend to celebrate the day of an individual's birth, the day on which he entered this Earthly plane, not yet knowing what effect he would have upon the world.

So, nope not going to mourn or bemoan, and certainly won't be posting any tributes till July 27th. That'll be my own little personal RPG holiday.
: )


  1. I think you make a really good point.

  2. I think EGG's death was a wake-up call to a lot of gamers who suddenly became interested in the history with the passing of the icon. Didn't Grognardia start then? I found out about the OSR around that time.
    All of which explains if not justifies the interest in the anniversary of his death (on GM's day no less!). But I do agree with you, we should remember his life, not his death!