Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back to Begging - Artwork Needed

Those folks wondering what the hell happened to the B/X Companion project have every right to be frustrated with me, its creator. I've been totally slacking. I expected to have everything ready but the cover by the end of February; instead I allowed myself to be distracted by Star Wars blogging, Olympic television coverage (congrats on the hockey win, Canucks!), regular work stuff, secret projects, and...well, a lot of movie rentals.

So it's MY FAULT folks. I got a little down when my cover artist of choice fell through, but the whole reason for my pushing back the release date till May was to coincide with his schedule. Since it ain't happening, I am simply going to get this thing out ASAP.

I have guaranteed the Doc that I will be getting him the module maps for finishing THIS WEEK. As in, "by Friday." Which means I have a deadline of Wednesday evening to have till Wednesday night, assuming I am mailing 'em from the post office Thursday morning (he lives down in Oregon, so he should get 'em pretty quick). I am already committed to designing the module cover myself (the Doc will be doing the paint job), and depending how that goes I may or may not be using my buddy's roommate/graphic designer for the cover of the Companion itself.

On the other hand, maybe I'll just go the Traveller route and put the thing out black cover.
; )

No, no...that's probably a joke (maybe a threat?). But I really, REALLY need interior artwork to finish both, and I've decided that I might as well beg the beJesus out of you folks that read this blog and that have ANY ARTISTIC TALENT AT ALL.

That's right, I want finish this mother with a quickness, and that means the bar is going to be set lower than ever before (well...not to the level of Order of the Stick-People, but pretty low). Tonight I will be taking an inventory of what I need (space-wise and theme-wise) and will be posting a general call for any and all contributions in a variety of subjects. Prizes may be a possibility, but let me find my exact need first.

As we enter the time of Pisces, we should all take the route of humble doormats and Buddhas with the begging bowl out (that's the energy of the month, people)...in all humility, I beseech those of you with extra creativity (and extra time) to tune up your drawing instruments and consider if you'd like to contribute to my little Old School offering.

Thank you in advance, and keep your eyes open for my next post which should have a list of items.

[oh, and to you folks who've already said you had some more contributions in the works, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get 'em to me at your earliest convenience. I want to get this thing published so that I can move onto the next project, whatever that might be! Thank you so much for your hard work, folks! You are all extremely awesome, I mean that whole-heartedly!]

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  1. You commented on my art blog (www.artbycarl.blogspot.com) and asked if I wanted to do some art. I emailed you about it a while ago. I would love to chip in a drawing or two. Good luck putting this project together.