Friday, October 9, 2009

October's A Quarter Gone...

...and I've only got three posts for the month? What the hell?

On the other hand, I seem to have picked up another 2-3 followers (welcome amigos! hope it's interesting for ya'), which is kind o crazy but whatever.

Well, it was a busy last couple weeks for yours truly. Even today (my "day off") I've got kids coming over to the house this morning (in five minutes or less) to play a little Warhammer 40,000, so my posting is probably going to be cut short. No, I don't play them...I simply referee and provide the miniatures. Heh...for all my protestations of being a role-player and not a "wargamer," I sure do seem to promote the latter. I probably would have fit in with those folks of yesteryear with their Napoleonic battle fields.

Or maybe not. My painting skills are okay, but my patience level for painting kinda' sucks...AND I have a "thing" about playing with minis that I haven't painted (I don't buy pre-painted and I don't like fielding "naked" armies). It's kind of a bizarre dichotomy of moi, but what can you do. I sincerely doubt I'd have been able to paint a gazillion tin soldiers, all with the same poses and the same uniforms...and did they have greenstuff back in '74? Somehow I kind of doubt it.... just got here. I'll post more later...

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