Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cybernetics in Gamma World

I've mentioned before that I'd been working on my own version of Gamma World for the last couple years (this little project started before I'd ever heard of any such thing as a "retro-clone;" 'cause that's pretty much what the hell it is). The working title of the project is GW7 (though now that Mutant Future is on the market, perhaps I should change that to GW8?). Anyway, for many many reasons it has been put on a back-burner, quite possibly indefinitely (unless I can scrape together the gumption to bang out this B/X Companion I've been working on for months!).

GW7 is a throw-back to the 1st and 2nd editions of the Gamma World least that was its original intention. Mainly I was using the 2nd edition rule set but striving for 1st edition coherence (in my opinion, the 1st edition of the game has the strongest theme, and resonance of rules with theme, of all the editions...a subject for another day, perhaps). However, over time it definitely started morphing ("mutating?") into its "own thing." Just one more reason why I've had difficulty putting it together in a book form.

Not that I don't have some chapters for it!

Since GW7 will probably never see the light of day, and since I'm in a cyborg kind o mood today (I've got 'borg on the brain), I figured I'd throw all my Gamma Fan readers a bone and throw down my chapter on cybernetics. For all intents and purposes, these rules should be useable with the 2nd edition of Gamma World (hence the image posted here instead of the much cooler, IMO, 3rd edition cover):

[originally, I was just going to cut and paste from the document, but I figured it would work better as a pdf. The link will take you to mediafire where you can download the's a bit more than 3 pages]

For those of you running Old School GW campaigns right now, please feel free to throw up a link on your own blogs if you like it.

Oh, and one more note...the chapter makes reference to Dramatic Editing or DE points. This is an addition to the GW7 rules that are NOT part of Gamma World 2nd edition. You should still be able to use the New Builders without worrying about DE points. Enjoy!


  1. Have you seen Barrataria's B/X companion? He has a good start on it, anyway. Perhaps y'all could team up?

  2. I didn't realize I was bearer of bad news. They don't kill the messenger in these parts, do they?

  3.'s my own fault for putting stuff on hold...I should've had mine finished back in August.

    I've done too much work on the thing not to complete it. Barrataria's download doesn't even work (at least, it isn't working for me this afternoon). We'll see what happens.