Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Well, I got me a Halloween costume...$40 from Display & Costume but at least I've got something to wear to the party tonight. In the past, my wife and I have always made our own costumes, but she's been extremely busy and I'm still recovering from my Thing costume from Halloween was cool, but I spent way too many hours carving and gluing foam "rocks" and breathing entirely too much orange spray paint.

So this year? Well, according to the tag, I am dressed as a "warrior-king." With the dragon rampant on the front, I'm guessing it's supposed to be based on some king of Arthur Pendragon design (there are even little Celtic crosses), but who knows. My wife picked it out (I don't usually dress in anything vaguely Renaissance Fair or D&D-esque), and it's kind of cool, though exceptionally warm (wish I was outside trick-or-treating!).

Here's an image (though this ain't me...I've got a beard right now):

The funny thing is it puts me in the mood to get back to my B/X Companion. I have been incredible slack the last couple months, letting things slide all through September and October, when I should've had it finished up in August. Well, yesterday I just learned that an actual publishing company just finished their beta version of their own "Companion Expansion" to certain Basic and Expert set rules. Ugh.

Welp, no one to blame but myself. I've done far too much work on my own set to not finish it. Plus I promised TimeShadows a free copy of my version once it's completed. I intend to keep that promise, and I intend to get this damn thing published to my own satisfaction. That's it.

Later in the evening (after the revelation that I'd once again been beaten to the punch), I had a chance to Skype with my old buddy Joel. He's an old gaming buddy from college that I've mentioned before (if briefly). What I didn't mention before is that he is a bona fide artist and graphic designer (that's what he studied at university) and a fairly good painter. I've been wracking my brain as to how I'm going to do the art for my game (since the Doctor has been so reticent about getting back into drawing and my own skills are so meager). Talking to Joel, I believe I've got him on-board which solves a BIG problem I was anticipating. He also has layout experience as well.

Now it's time to get back into it; to put up or shut up, as it were. I still think there's quite a bit of good things I have to say in such a supplement (hell, at least I have plenty of good monsters, spells, and magic items, not to mention some cool class related stuff, dominion and mass combat rules). And who knows what the other guys' expansion is all about? Mine is about exploring high level play, specifically with regard to being a dominion ruler (all hail the warrior-king, baby!). That might still appeal to some folks out there. I know it does to me.
: )

Keep the faith, folks!