Monday, January 9, 2023


Yesterday, as my son and I left Lumen Field following the Seahawks' overtime victory over the Rams, I started chanting, 'Let's go Lions! Let's go Lions!' and it didn't take long before other voices joined me in the cheer. Not that I had any faith in Detroit's ability to beat the Packers at Lambeau.

And then the Lions, with nothing to play for but pride, curb-stomped Green Bay.

I'm not a man to have the optimism of Ted Lasso (or Pete Carroll)....I've been disappointed just a few too many times over the years.  But I don't consider myself to be a true cynic, either. And so I was surprised at how, well, stunned I was that the Lions actually won, sending the Seahawks back to the playoffs for the 10th time in the 13 year tenure of Seattle's head coach. Amazing. 

While I'm not one to shy away from admitting when I'm wrong (I'm actually well-practiced in it), my assessment of Smith's quarterbacking ability has not changed all that much. Still: as a pro bowler this year (triple amazing!) I feel I have to assign his Blood Bowl profile some extra skills. It's only fair to upgrade him to 'star player' status when he was one of the stars of the team this season.

Here he is:

Geno Smith
#7 Ork Thrower  MA 5 ST 3 AG 3 AV 9
Skills: Leader, Pass, Safe Throw, Sure Hands

It's been a good year for Geno, for the team, and for Seattle sports fans.  The Russel Wilson era has finished, the Pete Carroll era continues. Looking forward to Saturday's playoff game versus the Niners.

Have a good week everyone. D&D posts to resume shortly.

Go Seahawks!
; )


  1. Per my August 27th post in your comment section.

    "I'm also an eternal optimist so I'm saying we take a wild card slot and Pete wins coach of the year"

    Half way there.


    1. An astounding prediction, 7B. If you’d put some money on that in preseason, you’d be cashing a hefty check!

      Something to thing about for next year.
      ; )

    2. No way I put money down. Football stresses me out enough. Can you imagine going into Sunday knowing your cash was in the hands of the Lions?

      I think Pete is a good coach and finds ways to win. Thus why I was optimistic.

      Will we beat the 49ers? Probably not. But we Beastquaked the Saints backin 2011? So who knows.

    3. Geno Smith is the best QB in our division. I don't think Brock Purdy is the second coming of Tom Brady, but there are similarities between the Niners and Tommy Terrific's first Super Bowl run. If Purdy plays like a 7th rounder in the pressure of his first playoff game, we'll have a chance...the game COULD end up looking like the Jets game a couple weeks back.

      We've got the offensive rookie of the year (Ken Walker) and what SHOULD be the defensive rookie of the year (Tariq Woolen). Our stellar rookie tackles are healthy and have as much pro experience now as they've ever had...and hopefully having seen the Niners twice they'll have a better handle on the edge rush. San Fran's front seven are INCREDIBLY good, but their DBs (especially the corners) aren't as great, and we still have DK and Tyler...and the better quarterback.

      It'll be a brawl...much like a BB match between Orks and Dwarves (which are what the Niners are). Asking Orks to "out-finesse" anyone is a tall order, but a straight up slug-fest with beardys does NOT favor the green-skins. Never has.