Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Kid's Birthday

Tomorrow is Diego's birthday. I am a bit stumped what to get him. 

Back in November, I ordered a very nice Blood Bowl team that I'd hoped to have assembled and painted for him by Christmas...unfortunately, it was coming from over seas and has YET to arrive (just received a notice from the post office...looks like it won't get here till next week). Had thought that might make a decent b-day gift but...c'est la vie.

SO...what to get, what to get. Hasn't helped that both kids have been getting over colds the last 3-4 days...Diego just went back to school today...and my time to shop (even on-line) has been limited. No way to get something here mail order by manana.

Any suggestions?

Oh-oh...other kid's awake...gotta' get her ready for school. Later!


  1. Happy Birthday to Diego. I wish I had a suggestion but I can't think of anything aside from baking tools to learn to bake. Not all boys like that, some really do though. Some like having their own spatulas and stuff like that. Silly. Or, gaming stuff for kids. If there are gaming things for kids, and fun dice. Thanks for the congrats on my blog. Very, very happy.

  2. Maybe some classic TSR POD modules from except you are not getting them by tomorrow. I bought some POD recently so I don't have to worry about damaging my 40 year old copies.

    So short term maybe go with a good book and some new dice and a nice leather dice bag.

  3. Thanks folks…got it handled.
    ; )