Tuesday, June 22, 2021

10:21, Wednesday, June 22nd, 2021


I started writing something but it was just...sad. And, no, it wasn't about the state of the world or anything; it was about the state of my publications. Or (rather) the lack thereof.

But I'm not really depressed. I'm not really sure what I feel...I don't have a simple word to describe it. It's a kind of mental constipation. Ideas are stuck in my head that I'm not sure how to express. Books are on my laptop that I'm not sure how to publish. Concepts are crystalizing that I'm not sure how to best articulate in a literate format. I feel blocked.

This blog has received nearly 3 million views over its life; based on the rate at which people "check-in" that number should be surpassed by the end of July (thanks to all my readers). The last book I published was in 2013. That's a long ass time ago. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to add a new one to my resume fairly soon...just waiting on a half dozen or so illustrations from my artist (he's already given me three times that many) to complete this book that's been sitting (finished) on my hard drive since, oh, 2019 or so. Most of it was written while still in Paraguay.

One of these days I'm going to have to learn to draw.

And speaking of artwork and books: in January of 2020 I commissioned an artist to pen a total of SIX illustrations for Cry Dark Future so that I could finally publish that book. To date, I have received ZERO finished pieces. This has been my second attempt at paying artists to give me illos for this book (the last time was 2014 or 2015??)...I don't know why people hate money so much. Maybe if I offered a thousand dollars per B&W illo? Is this why people use Kickstarter? 

Erol Otus charged less for a color cover...at least he did back in 2010. Just saying.

Anyway, despite having several ideas for various books and publications, I think the next thing I want to work on publishing is a handful of adventures. I don't know if these will be for sale or just "for download." My "Tomb of Bendan Fazier" post had over 600 views, though the PDF was downloaded less than 200 times (perhaps if I hadn't put all the text in the blog post...hmmmm...). Probably, though, they will be on DriveThru for a small amount of scratch...the price of a beer, maybe.

(*sigh*) This is a terrible idea; I can already feel it in my bones. 

Okay, everyone is (finally) awake in my house. Back to the mundane grind. Later, Gators!


  1. Ive been Looking forward to Cry Dark Future for years and years. That soucks that your artists are flakes. Don't they realize I need me some simplified shadowrun?

    1. "Flakes" is probably an overstatement, at least regarding the current guy. He's an excellent artist, but not a pro and he's busy with all the normal job, wife, kids stuff...plus Covid, you know?

      I'm thinking of just releasing CDF as an art-free PDF. Maybe at $5 a pop. What do you think?

    2. I think for the long run having art elevates the project. If you are just looking to finish it so you can move on then yes publish it without art. Folks like me will buy it. But long term the lack of art will lessen its broad appeal.

  2. Sorry to hear about your frustrations of projects stuck in the 95% complete stage. The majority of mine don't get beyond the scribble in a notebook or memo on my phone.

    I have really enjoyed your blog since I discovered it in late 2017. There are quite a few posts I've read repeatedly.

    Tomb of Bendan Fasier was good. I liked the use of some non standard monsters especially those from FF.

    I think that there's a gap in the market for adventures which are short enough for one or two sessions but which have enough flavour and colour about them to stand out from the dross that is out there (reading Bryce's reviews has jaded me a lot).

    Given how much you have been writing about the joy of playing with your kids, why don't you write a child-friendly (8-12y) guide on how to design, stock and most importantly write up a dungeon? Something which brings together the Moldvay and Holmes guidance, updates it and pitches it to a new audience. While it could be statted for BX, you could also have an annex which is statted for 5E.

    1. @ Jacob:

      That's not a bad idea. Curses! One more project to add to the list!
      ; )

      There are already a lot of "kid friendly"...um, okay, SOME "kid friendly" things out there in the RPG world. 5E isn't really one of them (no surprise).

      A guide FOR KIDS of the age range you ask? It already exists and is available as a PDF from DriveThruRPG: it's called Tom Moldvay's Basic D&D.

      The adventure gap might be a real thing, though.

      Also, adventures of a "kid friendly" nature. Uh-oh...that's a whole 'nother blog post (or series). The work never ends, I guess...

  3. How about something based on real world events? The Poor Wizards Almanac is an easy format, Mystaran/Known world publication that needs continuity.

  4. contact me if you are looking for reliable art, wiil discuss further thru email.

    1. I’m always looking to make contacts with reliable artists. Not sure how to contact you though, “Unknown.”

  5. Replies
    1. Right on, man. I’ll contact you. Thanks!

  6. Art or no art, I want me some CDF!