Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Cleaned Out

Well, it appears I just sold my last print copy of my B/X Companion over the weekend (I might have another one squirreled away somewhere, but it's a long shot). Rest assured, I'm in the process of ordering a new print run...a bigger one that should (hopefully) last a couple years.

I'm a little surprised that the book continues to sell as well as it does, both in print and electronic form; I'd have figured I'd already reached the point of saturation in our niche-niche market a while back. Apparently not.

What's even more surprising is sales of Five Ancient Kingdoms has picked up recently...I've sold as many copies of it in the last six months as in the twelve months prior. Weird. No idea who's playing it (perhaps folks are just mining it for ideas?)...one of these days I'll have the "Running Beagle Games" web site up-and-working and maybe I'll get some forum discussion going on the game.

Anyway, still recovering a bit from a weekend-long soccer jamboree and finishing up the last week of school. I hope to keep the blog posting going through the summer...we'll see how that goes.
; )


  1. Congratulations on needing another print run, that is always a good thing.

  2. Happy to hear that you will be doing a third printing. I seem to recollect that you had originally not intended to do such.
    It is a great addition to B/X and probably will always be in demand as long as folks play B/X or any of its variants/ clones.

  3. Any reason you are not doing a Print on Demand at DriveThru? Then the product is always in print.

    Do you think it is your Podcast that is boosting sales? They seem to be the new hotness right now.

    1. @ Timothy:

      I do NOT think it’s the podcast. The sales came in before that dropped.

      I don’t use POD with DriveThru for a number of reasons: I like to have physical copies to hawk locally, my technical skills for setting it up are lacking, less profit for me (their cut is a little high), and making POD available cuts down on my direct sales (less $$ for me again) stranding me with extra inventory. I also just like seeing where the books are going (I’ve sold copies in more countries and on more continents than I’ve visited...and I’ve travelled quite a bit!).

      Still, it’s a bit of a mystery, especially all the 5AK sales (and none of this have been print copies, only PDF). Somewhere there is a pocket community of folks running Arabian Night style adventures, and that group seems to be growing.

  4. Well, I bought a first print copy of B?X Companion and love it still!

    And how did I miss a podcast? Something else to add to my list of things to do.

  5. Hi JB,

    Are the B/X Companion and Complete B/X Adventurer back in season (stock) yet?