Thursday, March 5, 2015

What's the Gosh Darn Point?!

I didn't really want to write "gosh darn" but it IS Lent, and I'm trying to tone down the blasphemy.

Still working on the new game, and I've just hit a snag. Not rule-wise...the rules and system appear to be more or less "nailed down," though of course they need play-testing. But the point of the game...what it's supposed to accomplish, what it's driving towards, what is it's objective in play...that's what I'm struggling with at the moment.

Because, even though it's an "adventure" game, I want to know what kind of's not just a gonzo free-for-all.

*sigh* This is annoying the hell out of me. More later.

***EDIT***   Ah, yes...I remembered the point. Okay, back to work.
: )


  1. Is not having fun with friends the point of all roleplaying games?

    Also, it's not like people are actually beholden to play the type of game you want them to. The will cherry pick, ignore, modify your rules, and worse.

    1. @ Norm:

      Well, I should HOPE we play RPGs to have fun and not just to please our buddies or significant other or whatnot.

      BUT, it's always nice to have an original objective/direction in mind. Sure, other people might modify it (and welcome!) but a starting point is good for folks to figure out if THIS particular RPG is one they want to "have fun" with. Ya' know?
      ; )

      Anyway...I finally remembered the point.
      : )

    2. Any more information on this project? As stated before, sorry to sound impatient (I'm a sometimes writer of prose who often faces writer's block). I'm on a sci-fi kick as of late...

    3. @ Chris:

      Information forthcoming. Still in the works.
      : )