Friday, March 27, 2015

Interlude: Squire Roll?!

So...someone familiar with 3rd Edition Pendragon, please tell me where I will find the section on "how to make a Squire Roll."

The index has two entries for squires: page 25 (what a squire is), and page 45 (adding the squire to your character sheet). On page 45 it states:

Usually a squire's success at performing his duty is determined by attempting a Squire Roll (see the Game Mechanics" chapter).

In the Game Mechanics chapter, we find the following under the section Actions Permitted in Melee:

  • Make a squire roll to get help or a new weapon. If more than one squire is available, multiple rolls may be made as one action. See below for the Squire Roll definition.

Um...okay. Where? There is no further information on "squire rolls" in the Game Mechanics chapter (at least, none that I found).

The next reference to "Squire Rolls" (other than one or two examples that seem to presume one already knows what a Squire Roll is and how to make one) is in The Battle System section in Chivalric Duties (page 163). Here we find:

Squires perform a wide variety of duties in battle, all for the simple trouble of a Squire Roll. They may:

  • bring a new horse or weapon.
  • escort prisoners away.
  • drag an unconscious knight off the field.

Once a squire is used in battle he is gone for the duration, unless he is sought after and found during a disengaged session. Thus the usefulness of multiple squires is apparent.

Indeed...squires sound very useful, and this Squire Roll mechanic sounds like a nice, simple way to deal with knightly minutia in a streamlined manner. Now, where exactly do I find the mechanic of how to make one?

I'm appealing to Pendragon players here...and specifically 3rd Edition players. Give a brother some insight, huh?

[yes, there is more info on squires in the Knights Adventurous supplement, though it is not specifically listed as "errata." I want to know if I'm missing (what is obviously) an important, standard mechanic from the default game or was it truly left out as a gross oversight/editing error. In statting up my own rules/setting, I prefer to start from the "default" system (rather than the more elaborate KA material) whenever possible]

Thanks, folks.

"Um...squire roll? What's that?"


  1. Well, obviously a squire roll is a delicious appetizer.
    Haha. Sorry though, I only have 5th edition so I can't help you out I'm afraid.

    1. Squire rolls are a famous dish served at he turkey club.

  2. It does sound delicious...with butter!
    ; )

  3. I don't have a source, but the way I learned it a Squire Roll is a skill roll. With the squire's age (starting at 15 or so and going up +1 per year, until they are knighted) as the rank.

  4. @ HeyJames:

    Yeah, that's the rule per Knights Adventurous...and pretty much what I decided to go with if I didn't hear anything different.

    It'll make things interesting in my setting because Game of Thrones squires tend to start a lot younger (age 11 and 12) then Pendragon squires...meaning the squire rolls will be a lot more "iffy!"
    : )

  5. Now does a squire with an exceptional *ahem* talent with the ladies add a bonus to the roll to get info from slovenly trulls, brazen strumpets, expensive doxies or saucy tarts?

    Oh wait ... that's not Pendragon! :-)

    1. The squire is still learning the tricks of the trade, I'm afraid.
      ; )

  6. Wow, it is missing. It was defined in 1st edition, I know that. I guess I never noticed its absence in 3rd.

    1. @ John:

      Pretty sucky for folks like me who know and own nothing but the 3rd edition. You'd think the publisher would have an errata sheet/note somewhere about it.