Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blowing Up Cleveland

I mean, who really wants to fight a landwar in Asia?

I created a simple campaign scenarion for World War Borg. It includes a handful of additional rules and updates for the one-page micro-game. You can download it here:

Battle For Cleveland

You'll notice I didn't really talk about which side belongs to which nationality...the occupational force that has declared martial law could certainly be the U.S. Army and the PCs could be Russians or Chinese or Canadians...whatever.

I don't know what exactly I have against Cleveland (if anything)...I just like the idea of demolishing it in a 21st century ground war and the idea of there being a medieval style market-place (overseen by jack-boot wearing enforcers) operating out of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Running gun battles. Insurgents. All that jazz.

My recommendation: have the PCs night drop into the old Cleveland Browns Stadium. A failed skill roll can indicate they end up outside the place, or get spotted by a patrol, or get hung up on a building.

All right, later Gators.
I'd include a street map if I had more time.


  1. Oh. In a game...that's disappointing.

  2. Cleveland is (where I believe) Escape From New York was filmed.

  3. Heh, I know they reference Cleveland a lot in the films, but not sure if it was filmed there. Many New York scenes are -- large chunks are actually closed off right now for the next Avengers.

    I'm cool with blowing up my hometown.

  4. @ Gatz:

    Have to say, you were at least partially responsible as inspiration.

    Was there a muppet movie filmed in Cleveland? For some reason, I associate the muppers with the city...