Monday, June 10, 2013

Dragonflight XXXIV

It's a beautiful day to throw one's hat in the ring.

Today's my first day off in a while...the wife got back into town Friday, but then promptly came down with a stomach virus that had her flat-on-her-back all weekend long. Today, she's back to work and D is down at daycare so I finally have a chance to take care of some stuff before heading back to the day job tomorrow.

Mmm...just me, my laptop, and the all-day breakfast at the Baranof. Feels like old times.
: )

My original plan for the day was to spend most of it writing up something that...well, never you mind (it's a subject for another post). Instead, I've been looking into this year's Dragonflight Convention...that's Dragonflight 34 for those of you that don't read Roman numerals. One of the oldest  gaming conventions still up-n-running.

Again, this year I was invited to run a game (based on my doing so in 2010). That's not quite the honor one would imagine: I suspect I'm simply being recycled from the organization's database. No one actually showed up to my gaming table back in 2010 (I was running B/X, if you can believe that) and I don't think there was any particular "buzz" about my books or gaming at the time...that all started happening in the Fall of 2010. Back then I was just one more blogger yelling in the darkness.

Actually, I'm still just that, but now I've made a few friends in the gaming community and some kindly folks have sent me good, hard currency for my scribblings.'s been three years since that last convention, and I'm on the verge of publishing the new book(s) (complete with dice!) and I'm thinking maybe I need to give it another try. You know, running a game at a local convention? I mean, it IS in Bellevue (Seattleites like myself are disinclined to spend time on "the east side" as a general rule), but don't I owe it to my book to do a little self-promotion? At least circulate the name and face even if I'm not actually glad-handing folks?

*sigh* Yeah, probably. Self-marketing is not my forte...but that doesn't mean I shouldn't give it a shot. Even my (usual) half-assed one.

So, I've put down my money and will be attending the convention this year. I'm thinking about signing up to run half-a-dozen games because, A) I can get reimbursed for my ticket by doing so, and B) if the people attending my table are anything like 2010 (i.e. "no one") then there's little chance I'll run the risk of burn-out.

Now, the question is just one of "what do you want to run."

Here's what I'm considering:

  • Two (or three) sessions of 5AK (same adventure, different days/time-slots)
  • One (or two) sessions of Cry Dark Future (probably using an old Shadowrun adventure like Queen Euphoria and pregens)
  • One (or two) sessions of B/X...or maybe not 
  • Possibly KWN (my Star Wars-flavored, X-Plorers direct competition with Tony Van Liew's Jedi and FFG's latest box set).
  • Possibly a little DMI ("Deal Me In"), using supers or post-apoc/mutants.
  • Possibly a little Clockwork or Boot Hill action

Unfortunately, I don't know if I'm going to get ANY takers for ANY of these games. I got hold of a copy of the 2012 Dragonflight program, and the vast bulk of games on offer (in the RPG section) were for Pathfinder games run by something called the "Pathfinder Society." Even Savage Worlds didn't hold a candle to these guys. I And ugh.

People really do miss their D&D 3.5, huh?

A friendly (new) face over at Gary's this morning pointed out that the folks that gravitate towards Old School gaming may not be the kind to attend "hard core" gaming conventions, which might account for why you see (for example) more Pathfinder and 4E and Savage Worlds. Of course, there is representation for the Indie/Story Now contingent of northwest gamers...but those might be considered "hard core" of a different stripe. My particular "target audience" might only exist outside a conventional convention.

Ah, well. As I said, I've signed up and paid my money, so I will be attending (and yes, I got permission from the family, first). If I draw blank at my gaming table, it just means I'll get more time as a player...which is plenty fun, too. I don't see Ogre's Story Lounge on the list  as of yet, but he was there last year, and given the opportunity that's where I'd spend the majority of my time. Otherwise, I see Eric Aldrich is running Airship Pirates which would be cool to play (don't ask me to run it!), or perhaps I'll try Mr. Van Liew's unauthorized Star Wars game (though the description requires me to bring a character and after downloading and perusing the rules I find myself at a bit of a loss). I doubt I'll sign up for DCC since...well, I don't like it very much at all.

If I had more readers in the Seattle area, I'd be tempted to do a poll and see what people are interested in playing, but since most of you are from the east coast and Europe I suppose I'll just have to sign up for things I'd like to play. However, I am open to suggestions (feel free to submit in the comments section of this post).

Maybe I'll run my re-vamped Dungeon! in the board game section. there's an idea!

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