Saturday, August 25, 2012

More Reviews of The Complete B/X Adventurer

Hopefully, I'll have more interesting stuff to blog about later today (had a good play-test on Thursday with the new game I've been working on this week)...but my time is kind of limited right at the moment. Plus I have a ton of Seahawk thoughts swirling through my brain at the moment and if I start writing at all, that stuff will probably end up spilling out all over my nice, little game blog. are a couple more detailed reviews for The Complete B/X Adventurer. There are still a couple copies down at Gary's Games in Seattle (for locals who don't want to pay shipping & handling charges), but at least one of the copies is looking a little beat-up. I was told today that, other than the new Big Edition books, my little book gets more "thumb-thrus" than anything else on the shelf.

Okay, are the links:

Been meaning to post those for a while now (sorry)...but (as Tim might say) it's been one of those months.
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  1. Just a little off-thread, but any idea when we'll see a new Hard copy version of the B/X Companion?

  2. @ nachtwulf (good handle!):

    No. That's the short answer.

    The longer answer is: I wasn't really planning on doing another hard copy print run. I've since changed my mind (and my printerhas changed THEIR tune on their capability to do it). Unfortunately, I don't have the capital at the moment to do it.

    Or rather I DO have the capital, but it's earmarked for the next book, which is going to be hardcover and more expensive to print. But if the PDF of the Companion continues to sell well and The Complete B/X Adventurer sells a few dozen more copies then we may well see a new print run of the Companion...maybe in September.

    It would probably help if I was better qt marketing my own stuff.
    ; )

  3. Whats the likelyhood of a PDF edition? Aside from being a cheapskate I find having my library on the PC handy.

  4. Hey JB,
    I'm gonna throw this out here again, since I have asked re: Companion and never saw an answer anywhere.

    For those of us who've bought hard copies from you, any chance of getting freebie copies of the PDF once they are out? Got to feed the Kindle library...

  5. Just wanted to let you know, I've posted a review of TCBXA on my blog if you want to check it out. It took me longer to get to than I'd intended, sorry about that.