Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Man, I know sometimes it doesn’t seem like it, but I generally DO care about the quality of posts I throw up on the blog…maybe not the spelling or grammar or random tangential thought process, but the subject matter. And lately, And the last couple days I have been utterly brain dead (or at least numb from the neck up).

I blame the damn smart phone. These things rot your brain (or your attention span) like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Ah, well. I’m going to do my best to treat it as a phone for the foreseeable future, rather than a portable “everything plus” console. Hopefully my mind will regenerate.

As I prepare for the coming adventures of the week (I refer here to the scheduled Thursday night gaming session), there are several questions looming for me, none of which have to do with prepping for the game (Heron will be acting as DM this week and my characters are all ready to go). The main gist of my thoughts breaks down into two categories:

1) What do I hope to accomplish / want to see happen with this weekly gaming thing?
2) How the hell does this relate (if at all) to potential money-making schemes?

It’s a frustrating and wondrous fact of life that we are presented with so many choices and options on how we want to live said life. I could devote my time and attention to writing and gaming if I wanted, but would lose the lifestyle to which I’ve become accustomed (including my wife, who would probably not stand for such nonsense). I could sacrifice my extracurricular hobbies, including writing and gaming, to pick up a second job/paycheck or perhaps get a few more hours of sleep (or more likely, television watching). Or I could put all of this stuff on hold for a bit while I go out and look for a new job that both pays me more money and allows me to exercise more of my own creative expression…good luck with that!

Sadly, I am a man of inertia and will probably do a lot of what I’ve been doing, which is surviving but not really thriving. Things continue to develop but they do so at a glacial pace.

Even with the weekly gaming: Is it a chance to blow off steam? Yes. Is it a chance to get some much-needed gaming in? Yes. Is it a place to play-test and develop concepts and ideas? Yes…but that last bit occurs soooo slooowly, perhaps due to a lack of focus on my part.

Do I want to bring it into clearer focus?

[*sigh*] It's actually a subject I don't have time to delve into right now. I will be trying to get out a few reviews this week that I have been putting off. Right now I have work-type-work that needs to be done.

More later...really!


  1. Making more money is always nice. I had a chance to think about some of those things when I had a week furlough and then had to work 70 hour weeks at the end of the month for the big monthly end and quarterly end rush. Yeah, off here overworked there. Ugh. It can be paralyzing unless you're really motivated. GOod luck.