Thursday, September 15, 2011

Micro-Game Download

I'm not sure why folks are having a problem with this: I just followed the link in yesterday's post from a random computer at the library (without signing in to my accounts) and the download worked just fine. The library computer now has a copy of the one page micro-game .pdf on it. It looks great!

I don't know what to say except, "try it again." When you get to the mediafire screen, click on the yellow box that says:

Click here to start download from mediafire

It asks whether you want to just open the .pdf or save it. It really should work, folks!
: )


  1. Damn...I misread and thought the title was "MASS-Game Download" which I thought sounded damn interesting. Instead, it's just one game...
    : (


    ps worked fine for me

  2. This is a very interesting game. Thanks for sharing.

  3. @ Fictive: You're welcome!

    (can I take "interesting" as a compliment?)

  4. This has several interesting ideas, though some of it seems like it could easily be foiled by random chance:

    Potentially you could have a characters with very skewed scores, and is being "deficient" equal to automatic failure really all that useful to gameplay? They can't even exert themselves as there are no cards in that score to discard- as a player I'd feel a bit put-out that there was NO chance of me accomplishing certain things, regardless of how hard I tried.

    Also, the "Supply" ability looks weak to me- vague undefined "resources" and then its also used for machinery and GUNS? I didn't know engineering courses had the option of sniper training.

    Even if guns were moved to Skill (which makes more sense, I think) the whole ability of Supply becomes even more nebulous- whenever "using gear"? Does this cover everything from clothing to cars to grappling hooks to carpentry tools?

    Following your example given in the text, what if a character of high Skill (say 2 or 3) but 0 Supply decided to use a rope and grapnel to help them scale the cliff- would they simply not be allowed to use it? Would it have no effect on their roll? Or, would it make it easier? (as is logical) - but at the same time this last option would by-pass their "deficient" score and possibly undermine any character (un)fortunate enough to have a high Supply score but be lacking elsewhere.

    This has ended up longer than I intended, and if it seems like I'm ranting then I didn't mean that! My statement at the start stands, there is some good stuff in there- I'm just curious enough to challenge what I see as potential flaws.

  5. Sure, take "interesting" as a compliment! I put a review of it here.

    Of course it is attractive to start thinking through the intimate details, but I think you wanted a very loose set to live large, and I think you got there. Other systems can dive into the detail, and you just don't want to go there--I can respect that.

    (I do agree that moving weapons to skill makes more sense than gear, but that's a tweak.)

    My comments are only in the nature of suggestions that I hope are helpful. Thanks again for sharing.

  6. P.S.: "Out of Time" is a fun title, but I think you might consider "Dinosaur Delta" as a place name and game name...

  7. @ Dusk and Fictive: I appreciate the criticism...really! I do! Rather than write a response in the comment section, I hope to do a full blog post explaining my reasons.
    : )