Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dealt Dinosaur

All right, you can download my new, one-page micro-game here:

Personally, I think it's pretty sweet.

This is actually the foundation/skeleton for a decent little Lost World RPG. The full version would have fuller examples and elaborations on how to use the ability scores for task resolution, not to mention more stock antagonists (cannibals, Vikings, Roman more dinos, of course!). It would (will?) also furnish rules for scenario creation, probably with a few random tables.

The "end game" included with the micro is a simplified version of what I would use for a full game. It should be enough for play-testing. Unlike some RPGs there IS an objective to the game: getting the heck out of dino-land. As with the D&D endgame, not everyone will choose to pursue this goal, instead continuing to wander ("adventure") or settle roots in the prehistoric world.

Those folks will probably be eaten.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it; any and all feedback is appreciated. In addition to six-sided dice, you will also require one (1) deck of playing cards. I recommend using ones with a dinosaur theme. I picked up a set for myself today ($6) from Top Ten Toys: The Age of Dinosaurs.


  1. @ Blue: I just checked, and it's set to public. Give it another try...I can see it's been downloaded twice so far.

  2. I'm getting the same message as BlUsKrEEm. Strange.

  3. Told me it was private too...

  4. Okay, dammit...that's weird. I will have to log in from a (non-home) computer later and see what it tells me. Ugh!

  5. Hmmm...seems to be working for me. See today's post.