Sunday, September 25, 2011

Seahawks Sunday

[this is a non-RPG post...sorry]

Just got home from the Seahawks' home opener against the division rival Cardinals. Thank God for defense and the 12th Man, because...well, because I'd rather see a win than a loss and the 'Hawks won today largely due to the defense and the crowd. And now we're tied for 1st place in the NFC West...once again, we're on pace to defend our division title (in the worst division in football).

How bad are the Seahawks this year? Here's the deal: after actually watching the offense perform in person, I can say without a doubt that Tavaris Jackson is the Zoolander of quarterbacks. He cannot go left to save his life.

Last year, wide receiver Mike Williams was a huge part of the (little) offense Seattle had. This season he has mysteriously disappeared for reasons unexplained...until today. Williams generally lines up on the left side. Jackson almost never targets the receivers loaded to the left...even when they have good separation or are wide open at the 10 yard line. It is the weirdest trend/habit I've seen: look right and throw (if someone's open) or look to check down in the middle (usually with poor results) or get sacked. He's like Zoolander: he just can't go left.

In the post-game analysis, I heard an analyst (whom I respect) noting that on the one TD scramble Jackson had (on a broken play), the QB had Mike Williams "wide open in the end zone" and couldn't understand how he could have missed it (and he wasn't willing to give him many accolades for the near disaster). However, once you understand the receiver was on the left-hand side, it all makes sense.


Fortunately, we didn't need much QB play against the Cards at home. Next week, we face a battered Atlanta in Seattle, a much better team than Arizona. Right now, I don't plan on going to that one. But you never know.

They might need me in the crowd.


  1. No apologies necessary to me, dude. I'm a 6th-generation Texan; football is like a 2nd religion down here. :)

  2. With the 49ers threatening to behave like an actual real-life football team this season, your Seahawks may have an uphill battle in the worst division this year.

  3. @ Spawn: Oh, I don't think we really have to worrk about that just yet...
    ; )