Saturday, December 4, 2010

Short-Changing My Readers

Friday, I hung out down at Gary's, shooting the breeze with Tim for about two hours. By the time I was done, I felt like I had nothing to blog about...seriously! I was, like, "all talked out," or something.

It made me consider that perhaps one of the reasons I've been so prolific with the blogging over the last many moons is due (at least in part) to not having people to adequately bounce ideas off. Now this is actually a pretty ridiculous conclusion to jump of the main reasons I write this thing is to put my thoughts in coherent order for my own later dissection, not to mention discussing my past gaming history and analyzing THAT...especially in light of my current, evolving mindset.

However, some of the "theory stuff" and ideas I throw around (not to mention more than a few rants about the hobby in general) is just "thinking out loud," so to speak...and if I already talk 'em out with someone, well, then my tank seems a might empty when I step up to the blog.

Doesn't mean I don't still have things I want to say...for example this whole "social interaction discussion" (or can of worms) opened recently by Trollsmyth is an interesting one, perhaps even more so in light of certain things I'm working through for my current game project. However, I haven't bothered throwing my two cents at any of these blog posts because...well, 'cause I'm not sure what I want to say.

I mean, I'm not sure Trollsmyth, nor his detractors, really know what THEY are trying to say. Are they even on the same page? And if so, is there anything COHERENT that I can add to the conversation? I is pretty late at night right now.

However, I'm in the doghouse a bit (I've been grounded from watching Star Wars DVDs for two weeks, due to a 100 Euro speeding ticket I just got in the mail from Spain...damn it!), so I might as well write SOMEthing. Ugh...why should Tim be the only one to get my "pearls of wisdom?"
; )


  1. I don't receive speeding tickets from other parts of Spain and you receive them IN THE USA?


    On the other topic, I have similar feelings about the Trollsmyth et. al. posts.

  2. I'd frame that ticket. That's brilliant.

  3. I resonate with this, and besides, everybody deserves a break from blogging when needed! Hell, I took two whole months off when I moved -- though I am not normally as prolific as you are, either.

    I also feel that Trollsmyth et. al. may be arguing at cross-purposes, though in Trollsmyth's defense, his Dec. 3 post does offer some concrete thoughts about player action vs. character action that I found helpful.