Friday, December 3, 2010

Bad Ass Space Opera -Nihongo-style

Last night's game went pretty good...I'll post something about it later. However, check THIS shit out: Japan's doing a live-action film of Star Blazers (aka Space Battleship Yamato), one of my favorite, favorite imports from Japan as a kid (maybe even cooler than Shogun Warrior toys...I sure did watch it a lot of week day mornings during breakfast before school).

Sword and Shield posted an abbreviated trailer for the film here. I found a full-length version (about 10 seconds longer) of the trailer here. Yes, it appears to have the "wave motion gun;" totally badass and very, very space opera in scope.

It also seems to have an Aerosmith soundtrack. I don't know what's up with that...wasn't Wolfmother available? Personally, I would have been perfectly happy with the original cartoon theme (it sounds the same in English and Japanese)...also very badass.

Here's the full length trailer:


  1. Amazing! I hope to see an English dubbed or subtitled version very soon.

  2. Uh-oh... Don't follow those links. They are from the Anime movie, not the live action one.

    I'm sorry for the error. :( It seems we will have to wait a couple of weeks yet.

  3. So it says the movie was released on 12-1 (in Japan, I assume) but the English section of the website points to the Japanese News page.


    btw, five min of the movie here:

  4. Star Blazers was the only anime show I ever really watched aside from a couple of movies now and then. Like you, it was regular before-school viewing when I was a kid. It sucks that Netflix doesn't have it on Watch Instantly.

    The movie looks really cool. Have to watch for it on DVD.

  5. I'm just pleased they got the uniforms down...the white jumpsuit with the red arrow is iconic.

    But shouldn't Wildstar's hair be bigger/rattier?
    ; )

  6. I loved Star Blazers when I was a kid (can you tell?). I found a news clip saying Toho Entertainment hasn't announced any plan re: US release in theaters. ARG! Just subtitle the thing and get it out there!

    Now, how's that Voltron live-action flick coming along?

  7. Man, I remember living in Michigan as a kid, struggling with the rabbit-ears of our TV, vainly trying to tune in the Chicago channel that actually played Starblazers. On those rare days when the weather was just right and the stars aligned I would be treated with the most awesome thing to my eyes since Star Wars itself. Of course, having seen some of the americanized episodes recently, I realize it wasn't perhaps quite as cool as I remember it (dialogue wise), but visually? Incredible- and it looks like this movie really captured that awesome visual style. Sure hope it becomes available somehow.

  8. My FAVORITE show as a kid -- thanks for the heads-up about this!!

  9. I loved Star Blazers as a kid.

    I came to appreciate it on a new level as an adult when I saw a few episodes and realized that the original series was a revisionist retelling of the Pacific Theater of World War II. This was totally lost on me as a kid. It would be disturbing if postwar Japan weren't so unthreatening.