Sunday, September 13, 2009

Starting the Season Right

So the Seattle Seahawks got off to a tremendous start today by soundly crushing their division rivals, the St. Louis Rams. Now granted, the 'Hawks were playing at home where they generally have a consistent home field advantage, and the Rams did go 2-12 last year (ever worse than the Seahawks own decade worst 4-12 record). But the Seahawks showed the kind of play-off poise they need if they're going to go far in the season.

Yes, we SHOULD be destroying teams 28-0 when we play them at least if we want to climb back on top of the NFC West. 

What we DON'T want to be doing is playing close, hard fought matches against mediocre (or worse) teams. Save the hard, tooth-and-claw matches for road games against stiff competition, not patsies like St. Louis. Let's face it...the Rams are definitely in a "re-building phase."

The game heralded Jim Mora's first win as a head coach, and it showed a few things...creativity, versatility, the use of multiple weapons, a balanced offense, and a helluva' deep defense (with one pro-bowler out and two more being injured in the first quarter, we still shut out the Rams for the first time in recent team history). 

Even the referees came through for a change, reversing a blocked field goal returned for a touchdown (it's always a lot easier for teams to do that with 12 guys lining up instead of 11).

All-in-all, quite pleasing, especially as I had both Matthew Hasselbeck and tight end John Carlson on my fantasy team...they hooked up for two touchdowns (too bad I left Julius Jones and Nate Burleson on the bench...I would have won my fantasy match-up this week if I'd played them, too).

[sure, sure...I realize that Blood Bowl and fantasy football isn't what one might consider REAL role-playing...but pretending to be the coach of a fantasy team is "playing a role" after all. And you should hear my wife talk to her players on the pitch...I always find it entertaining]

Sorry for the poor quality of my photos, by the way...I'm even worse with the digital camera than I am with HTML...and that's saying something!  The minis themselves give off less glare than the play field, but it's too dark to get a decent picture without a flash right now (hmm...after midnight again. It's been a loooong day of football watching!).

And to any St. Louis fans out there that may be reading this can believe me when I say "no hard feelings." I'll be rooting for you to kick the ass of both Arizona and San Francisco (at least once each).

; )

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