Friday, September 11, 2009

D&D Comics

Yesterday, I was reading through the blog posts over at A Rust Monster Ate My Sword and I stumbled upon the HEE-larious panel-by-panel analysis of the old TSR comic/ads that were published in Marvel comics. While I have blogged about these before myself, I found myself incredibly amused by Mr. Brackett’s scathing dissection of these old comics and how they’d translate into actual RPG terms. I found myself laughing out-loud quite often (especially the commentary on Valerius’ less-than-team-oriented attitude). Check it out!

I remember that, back in high school, Marvel put out a slew of comics based on both Dragon Lance and (I believe) AD&D. My brother had some of these and I recall reading them, even though I wasn’t playing D&D (of any persuasion) at the time. Some of them had stat block info or monster/magic item descriptions in the back, making them double-entertainment as both fiction and game supplement.

Did anyone else read/collect these back in the day? Does anyone know if the they were two separate series or am I just confused in the head? And were these published AFTER the advent of 2nd edition AD&D or before?



  1. I've never read any but there are 100s on eBay UK

  2. You're very confused. ;)

    DC published several series of AD&D comics: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, and Spelljammer.

    Some issues were good, some not. I collected them and enjoyed most. As I recall the Advanced D&D and Forgotten Realms titles were during the "Time of Troubles" when 2nd edition emerged. Both plots eventually involved deities coming to Faerun and making a mess. Selune is an NPC in the AD&D book too!

    Some interesting characters were created for those 4 series, as far as comics go.

  3. Ah, dare I besmirch their (already besmirched) name.

    I remember one character...a paladin that had his hands destroyed by a staff of withering and ended up as a beggar until someone got him a pair of gauntlets of ogre power. I thought that was very cool storyline.

    'Course, it just makes me want to wither PCs hands and force them to become beggars...
    ; )

    Jeez...I'm such a shmuck sometimes!

  4. I sent a scan along to Christopher B. of a similar comic/advertisement from an old issue of Epic magazine.