Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Back To The Field

For the first time since 2019, my kids' school is playing Fall sports...specifically soccer...and once again I will be coaching my son's team. Monday evening was our first practice.

It was glorious.

[more on that...perhaps...later]

However, complications have already arisen. Our practice field has been yanked. We are currently negotiating with other schools (and Seattle Parks) for a change of venue. Kids have schedule conflicts. Parents have concerns. Our Athletic Directors are new this year. The first game is this Saturday. And to top it all off, my team is double the size that it was two years ago.

So, I'm juggling a bit this week. Lots of emails, zoom meetings, phone calls to make and stuff to coordinate. And what with the OTHER busy-ness going on (first full week of school, other soccer teams for both kids, meal planning, etc.) I'm a bit slammed at the moment.

Normal blogging will (hopefully) begin again in a few days...perhaps after Saturday. I have stuffs to write about...and not just Blood Bowl! D&D stuffs!

Though, of course, there will be Blood Bowl: the semifinals have started. First semifinal match: Amazons (The Kick-Butt Ladies) versus the Orks (Bubblegum Dynamite). 

More later.

[hey! And don't people have football to watch this weekend anyway? Beats screaming at the USMNT for not being able to beat Canada on our home soil. Jeez, Louise]


  1. I know nothing whatsoever about USMNT vs. Canada football. Makes no difference to me one way or another who wins. I just don't care.

    And STILL I feel compelled to point out that USMNT never had a chance.

    1. : )

      Until last year, the national soccer team had f Canada hadn’t beaten USA in, like 50 years.

      The talent is equalizing across the board; now coaching matters. And I’m not a big fan of my nation’s coach. Let’s go El Salvador!
      ; )

    2. (yes, I realize we play Honduras tonight…I’m rooting for ES to qualify for the World Cup if the US pooches the thing again. Big fan of Alex Roldan as we share an alma mater)