Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Accepting Shortcomings

Ugh. I've just tried (and failed) to find the right words for the same subject...twice. Twice I've tried banging out a post that I've been wanting to blog about for many moons...at least eight months, but probably more like a year and a half. This feels like the right time to get to is, but I just...can't...connect...the...thoughts.

Thing is, it's something important (at least to me), but I'm not the subject matter expert on the subject I wish I was. Which means, not only do I not have the vocabulary to defend my position (a subjective feeling), but I can't see quite the way to apply it to the subject at hand (i.e. the subject of this blog, i.e. gaming).


However, I recognize my limitation and I need to spend a little time doing some research in order to find the words I need. Probably it didn't help that I was up till 1am with the missus last night, drinking wine and watching TV (since I have to get up uber-early to get the ball around here rolling); the old brain just doesn't tumble right in such circumstances. But I will get to it. I promise...hopefully by tomorrow I'll have the words I need.

If not, I'll post something a little easier on Ye Old Noggin.

Later, people. Have a good one.


  1. Im sorry that your football team shit the bed.

  2. You and me both! But a 10-6 season with a playoff appearance was a lot better than most folks predicted for their season. Multiple breakdowns led to their defeat in Dallas, but I’m hopeful for next season. ; )

  3. Good luck next season and with your writing project.