Monday, October 26, 2015

In Other News...

...the World Health Organization has announced bacon, hot dogs, and processed meats cause cancer.

Um, yeah...we already knew that. Here are some other hot tips: red meat causes heart disease, alcohol damages the liver, and the protein in milk leeches more calcium from your bones than what it replaces, unless you're a growing child. Stick to broccoli.

I'm sorry, but if folks were operating under the assumption that bacon and processed meats are some kind of healthy, wholesome food, well, come on people. You believe everything Fox News tells you?

Next news flash will be something about humans and petrochemicals causing global warming or something...

[I swear to God, when my wife emailed me this link I thought it was an article from The Onion]

The secret deliciousness is in the nitrites (my baby saw this picture and said "num-num." I know, sweetie)


  1. I'm with you. The quality of my life with bacon is better than living longer without it.

    I'd never heard that about milk. You spooked me into doing some online research; it appears that the preponderance of the evidence says milk is good for your bones. What a relief.

    1. @ Brian:

      I can only lead the horse to water...
      ; )