Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

[somewhere in Orizaba, Mexico]

Hope everyone had (and is continuing to have, if possible) a great holiday! Sorry, I dropped off the face of the earth. I actually started writing a post about how my blogging would be slim as I'm heading out to Mexico to celebrate Christmas with the in-laws...but then I had to hop a plane before I finished writing it. And I've been extremely busy since I got into town, round about the 23rd.

Busy, but busy in a "fun, vacation-y" type way, of course. Lots of good food and family, and for a change I can hold some conversations with folks (seeing as how my Spanish has improved immensely the last couple years) which makes life here a lot less nerve-wracking, let me tell you...the inability to communicate has been a major source of stress in past years.

But just being back in a developed country is relaxing. Look: paved streets! Look: highways! Look: Starbucks!

[actually, they don't yet have Starbucks in Orizaba, but they've got two or three in Xalapa, and I got a giant frappucino at the Mexico City airport, just for the helluvit. And you can't seem to throw a rock in this town without hitting three Subway sandwich franchises]

And, of course, delicious, spicy food. I've been trying not to over-do it, but I'm going to be back to starch and red meat soon stomach lining can take a week or so of pounding. And my son's been stuffing himself with tortillas.

Anyway: busy-busy-busy. No time for writing, I'm afraid. I dragged my ass out of bed semi-early today (it's 9ish) to write this, but my baby will probably be up pretty soon, and then I will be on daddy duty while the wife grabs an extra hour or two. I'm hopeful my son will sleep a little longer as well, but we'll see. Ugh...need some coffee.

[just a minute...ahh, mucho mejor]

Santa was especially kind this year, bringing me the only thing I really wanted: home field advantage for the Seahawks throughout the play-offs. It just doesn't get much merrier than that for my money. I'm going to try to get up to Seattle for the conference championship (assuming they win their division in the next couple weeks, of course)...yes, I already have tickets to the game, I just need to book my flight.

[mmm...I should probably do my post-seasons reflections and analysis, huh? Before the play-offs start? Yeah...but in a separate post] now you know what I've been up to. Regular posting will sometime after I get back to Paraguay (next week). I've got "stuffs" to talk about: superheroes (of course), Maleficent, zombies, some RPGs I picked up (PDF-wise) over the holiday, my thoughts on the Oakland Raiders and Disney (um...separate topics). There's also a couple-four other game-related topics that are not coming to mind at the moment, but they're in the ol' noggin somewhere.

One thing about 2015: I have some intentions (game-wise, writing-wise) that I wouldn't mind hammering into hardcore resolutions. I'm just finding it a little tough to focus at the moment, being in the middle of all this holiday cheer. But as the cheer fades away, some more practical thoughts should be emerging from my addled brain, and I'll be sure to share 'em with folks. Ho-ho-ho!

: )


  1. That was a great post and I enjoyed reading it all. Here's hoping the good holiday cheer carries with you well into the New Year.

    Happy Healthy Wishes to you and your family, with a great big side of boogie boogie.

    1. @ Whisk:

      I'm so glad you enjoyed!
      : )

    2. Keep postin' when you can. Good luck to your team, and boogie boogie.