Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Happy Virgin of Caacupe Day!

Actually yesterday (December 8th) is the day Paraguayans celebrate the Virgin of Caacupe...a little statue that was carved by a divinely inspired local four centuries back and now the target destination of a few hundred thousand pilgrims every year. You find this kind of thing all over Latin America (sorry if that sounds dismissive), but here in Paraguay it's a national holiday, shutting down most businesses and such (they do so love their holidays here). Word on the street is that nothing much gets done from December 8th till mid-January as everyone goes into kind of "holiday-slacker" mode...as opposed to the usual slack that permeates the fabric of this country.


ANYway...that's why my "non-posting weekend" continued till today...I was busy with the kids yesterday. Today, I just slept in (was up waaay too late watching that barn-burner between Green Bay and Atlanta). Truth is, we're all (my family) still adjusting to the five hour time difference and scorching hot summer weather...none of us are sleeping particularly well. We all just seem to be killing time till we can get to Mexico (seeing the in-laws for Christmas) and eat some real food.

We, too, have caught the infectious national slack of Paraguay.

Mmm...hopefully, I'll get something more interesting posted later today; right now, I've got to jet.

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