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A Wizard Worth Playing (Part 2)

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All wizards have knowledge of the following seven spells: arc lightning, conjure monster, explosive fire, mind control, necromancy, prophetic vision, and sensory deception. These spells are known by the wizard and are always considered "prepared." When wizards decide to cast a spell they choose the magnitude at which the spell is cast from one of their remaining allowance of spell slots (for example, a 1st level wizard has two spell slots of the first magnitude...modified by INT...which can be used). Once the spell slots are expended, the wizard may cast no other spells without first resting.

ARC LIGHTNING: a bolt of electricity streams from the wizard to a target; magnitude determines range and damage. Targets may save to reduce damage by one-half, but save is made with disadvantage if wearing metal armor. Targets that fail to save are also stunned for one round.
1st Magnitude: 2D8 damage; 10 yards
2nd Magnitude: 4D8 damage; 20 yards
3rd Magnitude: 6D8 damage; 30 yards
4th Magnitude: 8D8 damage; 40 yards
5th Magnitude: 10D8 damage; 50 yards (maximum range)
6th Magnitude: 10D8 damage; fork bolt (strike up to 3 additional targets within 10 yards of initial target; no target may receive more than one strike)
7th Magnitude: 11D8 damage; fork bolt (strike up to 4 additional targets)
8th Magnitude: 12D8 damage; fork bolt (strike up to 5 additional targets)
9th Magnitude: 13D8 damage; fork bolt (strike up to 6 additional targets)

Probably 4th or 5th magnitude.
CONJURE MONSTER: calls forth beings from other dimensions to do the wizard’s bidding. All such creatures (regardless of type/appearance) are otherworldly and may be dispelled; they otherwise last until killed or until the next day (or “long rest”). Magnitude determines number and hit dice of creature conjured.
1st Magnitude: one creature of 2HD or D4 of 1HD
2nd Magnitude: one creature of 4HD or D4 of 2HD
3rd Magnitude: one creature of 6HD or D6 of 3HD
4th Magnitude: one creature of 8HD or D6 of 4HD
5th Magnitude: one creature of 10HD or D8 of 5HD
6th Magnitude: one creature of 12HD or D8 of 6HD
7th Magnitude: one creature of 14HD or D10 of 7HD
8th Magnitude: one creature of 16HD or D10 of 8HD
9th Magnitude: one creature of 18HD or D12 of 9HD

EXPLOSIVE FIRE: the wizard hurls a ball of fire up to 30 yards that explodes; magnitude determines fire damage to those caught within its 20’ radius (save for half damage).
1st Magnitude: 2D6 damage
2nd Magnitude: 4D6 damage
3rd Magnitude: 6D6 damage
4th Magnitude: 8D6 damage
5th Magnitude: 10D6 damage
6th Magnitude: 12D6 damage
7th Magnitude: 14D6 damage
8th Magnitude: 16D6 damage
9th Magnitude: 18D6 damage

MIND CONTROL: wizard invades and subverts the mind of another. Must look into target’s eyes (maximum range 30’) unless possessing a piece of the creature (hair, nails, skin) or treasured personal effect (like a PC’s “trinket”). Magnitude determines extent of control on a failed saving throw; ability to obey commands will largely depend on the wizard’s ability to communicate with the subject.
1st Magnitude: subjects considers wizard to be a good friend and is helpful
2nd Magnitude: subject may be commanded to do things it would normally do
3rd Magnitude: subject may be commanded to do things it wouldn’t normally do (guards will release prisoners in their charge, non-combatants will fight, etc.)
4th Magnitude: subject will harm loved ones or put their own lives in grave peril
5th Magnitude: as 4th magnitude, but with telepathic control
6th Magnitude: subject will commit suicide upon command
7th Magnitude: subject will commit unspeakable acts of violence against self and loved ones, including flaying, mutilation, etc.
8th Magnitude: wizard can control victim like puppet (shared language unneeded)
9th Magnitude: absolute control; memory and personality can be permanently altered or “wiped” (reducing character’s level down to 1st if so desired)

NECROMANCY: wizard exhibits power over the dead, raising them to obey his commands. The creature must be in relatively good condition (i.e. recently dead), and is considered a zombie with one hit die more than it had in life. Humans and other man-sized humanoids (elves, dwarves) are considered to have one HD for this purpose and so become 2HD zombies, regardless of their original level; smaller creatures (halflings, house cats) become 1HD zombies. The magnitude determines the number of zombie HD that can be raised with one casting of the spell; higher magnitude spells allow more creatures (or larger creatures) to be raised. If the roll is less than needed to raise a particularly large creature, the spell fails.
1st Magnitude: 2 HD (one human zombie)
2nd Magnitude: D6+1 HD of zombies
3rd Magnitude: 2D4 HD of zombies
4th Magnitude: 2D6 HD of zombies
5th Magnitude: 2D8 HD of zombies
6th Magnitude: 2D10 HD of zombies
7th Magnitude: 2D12 HD of zombies
8th Magnitude: 2D20 HD of zombies
9th Magnitude: D100 HD of zombies

PROPHETIC VISION: the wizard gains knowledge of what the future holds. Actions may be taken to change the course of the future, and being forewarned is forearmed (for example, the wizard can receive advantage on a saving throw based on the vision). Magnitude determines the extent of the knowledge gained.
1st Magnitude: vague feelings (good/reward, bad/danger, or neutral) regarding a single, specific course of action (taking the left-hand tunnel, picking up the crown, etc.)
2nd Magnitude: single, specific mental image (sleeping dragon, corpse killed by arrow) based on course of action examined
3rd Magnitude: specific mental scene of possible outcome of action, including movement and sound (party fighting a particular monster; how a trap is triggered and its effects).
4th Magnitude: specific information regarding any particular goal or action intended in the next day; up to two scenes (as per 3rd magnitude) will be revealed
5th Magnitude: as 4th magnitude but can examine the course of actions for a week in advance; three scenes will be revealed to the wizard
6th Magnitude: as 4th magnitude but can examine the course of actions for a month in advance; four scenes will be revealed to the wizard
7th Magnitude: as 4th magnitude but can examine the course of actions for a year in advance; five scenes will be revealed to the wizard
8th Magnitude: as 4th magnitude but can examine the course of actions for a decade in advance; six scenes will be revealed to the wizard
9th Magnitude: as 4th magnitude but can examine the course of action as it relates to future generations, up to a century from the time of casting; seven scenes will be revealed

SENSORY DECEPTION: the wizard can alter the perception and senses of all those within his presence; unless stated otherwise affect lasts as long as caster takes no action besides normal movement, and as long as the wizard remains within sight of the effect. Wizards can dispel their own permanent illusions at will.
1st Magnitude: wizard may alter one sensory component; changing a sound (like dripping water to sound like a roaring fire) or a smell (rotten food to smell delicious) or vision (changing his own appearance). The sensory deception will have roughly the same size as the original: a trickle of water cannot be made to sound like a thundering waterfall, and an elf wizard cannot appear to be an ogre.
2nd Magnitude: wizard may “hide in plain view,” being ignored by all unless attacking or otherwise disturbing those in his/her vicinity (“disturbance” need not be physical; carrying a light source into the den of creatures used to the dark would count).
3rd Magnitude: wizard may create illusions from nothing, with both sound and sight components; it lasts as long as the wizard concentrates. The illusion has no tactile sensation and cannot harm others.
4th Magnitude: as 1st or 2nd magnitude, but may be extended to D4 senses/individuals
5th Magnitude: wizard may make himself, or another, or a single object of large size or smaller completely imperceptible to others (as the invisible condition, but without tracks or noise)
6th Magnitude: as 3rd magnitude, but lasts even without concentration (until dispelled)
7th Magnitude: as 5th magnitude, but lasts even without concentration (until dispelled)
8th Magnitude: as 7th magnitude, but the deception extends even to massive objects (castles, purple worms)
9th Magnitude: as 8th magnitude, but deception removes tactile sensation as well, effectively turning the object or creature into a permanent ghost (saving throws apply for an unwilling creature)

[we'll deal with the "mighty magics" in our next be continued]

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