Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's All Fun And Games...

...till someone gets stabbed in the eye. That's what happened to me tonight (Friday) when my child accidentally gouged me with a lollipop stick.

It's not the first time he's jabbed me, but it's the first time it's been bad enough to go to the emergency room. Unfortunately, being single this week means I had to wait a few hours till my mom could come watch D, while Steve-O drove me to the hospital. Lots of pain...the howling kind. It was scaring the child, you know.

Beer helps.

Anyway, as I'm sure I've mentioned before, I hate doctors. Not the doctors themselves (nice, caring individuals) but the "modern" practice of medicine.  As I told Steve-O, a trip to the doctor (generally) ends with them doing nothing for me except prescribing heavy duty narcotics. Like I need that.

[it's not that I can't sleep...I just don't have time to sleep]

But we went to the doctor anyway. The diagnosis: corneal abrasion. My vision seems not to terribly affected (a little blurry, but it should recover soon) and a lot of pain. I should heal with time.

In other words, the doctor could do nothing...though he did prescribe me a huge allotment of vikes for the pain.

So, while I have enough vikes (in street value) to fund a small print run, I am instead not taking the drug, but rather killing the second half of this growler...

[and I fell asleep...woke up to about 5 pages of "wwww..." on this post]

Today was bad...couldn't drive today (though I tried). Had to take a Vicodin, and it helped, but most of the day I was pretty worthless (well, D and I had fun doing puzzles). Right now we're doing beer, pizza and Seahawks in what was billed as a "possible Super Bowl preview." I can only hope the Super Bowl looks like this (33-7 over the Broncos at halftime).

Ugh. I still have to get those PDFs uploaded for sale in the next couple days. AND I have more shrink-wrap and mailing to do. I had a LOT of things on my schedule for this weekend and this downtime has just SUCKED! Aaaarghh! Hopefully I'll be back in action by tomorrow or Monday.

More later.


  1. Ouch, sorry to hear about the eye! You should make the most of it and go pirate, get a patch.

  2. While Beer does help . . .

    Scotch helps more! ROFL

    Sorry it happened, man, but you took a "bad" thing and made it funny. Think "slap-stick." ;)

  3. @ Anthony:

    The doctor at the ER wouldn't give me one! Apparently, "they don't really help." Earlier I was wearing a "Hard Rock Cafe" bandanna as a make-shift eye-patch...but that was weird.

    @ Mystic:

    It didn't FEEL funny, but I try to keep a sense of humor about it. I was lucky that it doesn't seem to have permanently damaged my vision or I would probably felt much less jocular (rhymes with ocular) about the incident.
    ; )

  4. I had glass in my eye once from a broken light bulb, corneal abrasion, they heal pretty quick.
    As for this Friday, Go Pack Go!

  5. @ Lloyd:

    Yeah, I'm about 85-90% as of today (Monday).

    Friday should be a good test for both teams.
    ; )