Sunday, February 3, 2013

Touchdown Ravens

You know, I really didn't know if I was going to watch the Super Bowl the priest said this morning at church (regarding the Super Bowl), "I don't really have a dog in this fight." Of course, he said it in Spanish (I was at Spanish Mass with my son, my wife winging her way to Paraguay on business once again).

Yes, even the Catholic church recognizes the Super Bowl's occurrence, though they may not ask us to pray for any particular team.

Anyway, I was EXTREMELY tired this morning (having stayed up till 2am or so working on the layout for Book 1 of D&D Mine; looks nice by the way...). And then Diego was not interested in taking his nap this afternoon (it took me, oh, close to two hours to put him to sleep), by which time I was figuring I probably needed a nap...and/or that I'd probably missed the first half of the game anyway, even if I was interested in watching the Norse (Ravens) take on the Dwarves (49ers), which I really wasn't sure I was. Plus if I was going to stay awake (which I probably shouldn't, seeing as I seem to be coming down with my wife's flu bug), I'd probably be working on Book 2.

Yet here I am, beer in hand (Newcastle Brown...there are a few more in the fridge as well), cold pizza in the toaster oven, TV showing the Ravens sacking Colin Kaepernick (and is that Wolfmother playing over the P.A. system?)...and I completely forgot the Super Bowl commercials.

Damn entertaining.

Yes, I did see the first Ravens drive and TD strike from Joe Flacco. I'm not a big fan of Baltimore, or Flacco, or (God knows) Ray Lewis...but I just can't root for the 49ers. Not with Jim Harbaugh as their coach. Not even knowing they're representing my conference and my division.

I wonder how long Diego will be asleep. Go Ravens.

***EDIT: as the 2nd quarter begins and I get ready to crack another beer while waiting for Frank Gore's first fumble, I can see the two things the Seahawks really do need to transform themselves into the championship team they appeared verging on this year: A) a big-time wide receiver, and B) an interior pass rusher that can just push the pocket around and make life uncomfortable for the opponent. The Ravens have both these things (plus a huge offensive line and a QB with a chip on his shoulder). Seattle has a lot of things going for it (and I do think they were the best team in the NFC by the end of the season), but without these things could they close the deal at the end? Can they find these things next year?

Flacco just threw his second TD pass, by the way. 14-3 Ravens.***


  1. As for your WR, well, somebody's going to pay Greg Jennings a lot of money, and it's not all that likely that Dwayne Bowe will be back in Kansas City, so free agency could solve that. Not sure about the pass rusher, might have to trade up in the draft.

  2. @ Wayne:

    All-Pro defensive tackles (the kind you'd like to pick up), don't usually become available in free agency. If you check the records for the last few years, you'll find all but a handful were drafted in the first or second round...and MOST in the first round.

    I'd be REAL hesitant to pick up Greg Jennings. If Green Bay isn't ready to offer him anything, they probably know something more about him the rest of the league doesn't. And while Dwayne Bowe is a top talent (look at his numbers with the QBs he's had to work with!), I'm not sure he's ENOUGH of a talent...i.e. the "Deep Threat" or "Homerun Hitter" with breakaway speed that you'd want. Mike Wallace is more that guy...but does Seattle really want a Pittsburgh malcontent?

    But, hey, I don't get paid to make those decisions...I'm just a fan watching the games. We'll see what the team does in the off-season.