Friday, July 22, 2011

Learning with Time

It's Friday morning and because it's Friday, I will be off-line for most of the day (don't ask). However, last night's game went well and everyone survived despite my efforts.

Shlominus commented on my last post:

but how shall they ever learn from their "mistakes" if you start cuddling them? let them apply the famed player skill! more ten foot poles or something...

Well, I don't think I'm coddling them too I said there were some surprises of a "killer" nature (a couple of auto-death encounters and a black bear), but they weathered it well through gumption, cunning, and tactics. I think they are learning...or at least getting better. Or maybe it's just that being a higher level (they're averaging around 3.5 right now) gives them more options and staying power (hit points).

Look, there's no way to sugarcoat it: the party is kicking ass right now. Maybe they ARE ready for me to throw 'em something a little tougher.

Time to break out the manticores.
; )



    Seems you are both on a similar wavelength.

  2. Next week, we finally pool our resources and get that leopard farm.

  3. Player learning or DM learning?

    The dungeon didn't have killer cave-ins, goo-that-kills-you-if-you-probe-it, massively unbalanced encounters, monsters that get surprise for no good reason, challenges that have 1% or less chance of success, etc.

  4. Player learning or DM learning?

    hopefully both. :)

    thank nuffle my comment wasn't received as mean as i felt as i wrote it. after medicating myself with cider i feel much better now. :)

  5. @ Anathema: I did read that post a couple days ago, but I'm not sure the sentiment was the same. Perhaps the end result...
    ; )

    @ Greg: I'd rather see that then a mustard farm.

    @ Fumers: Player learning. I, for one, haven't learned much since I'm still including dead falls that do D8 damage, slimes, and surprise rolls. If I'm supposed to learn not to include those parts of the gamem than I am a VERY slow learner.

    @ Shom: I certainly didn't take any offense.
    : )

  6. I think Fumers was referring to HOW they were used, but really I just think the two of you should hug it out. C'mon! Hug!