Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Blast from the Past gaming last night and no new writing on the game project today. Just "stuff" getting in the way: basic tiredness (last night) and attempting to be a good parent/spouse with a fussy baby today.

But right now, I have a spare moment.

I should probably write about...oh, I don't know...D&D or game design or my B/X Companion being selected as a finalist for the Three Castles Award.

Instead, I just want to say that I finally got in contact with my old friend, Jocelyn, of whom I've written many times in the past. Now granted, I never went out of my way to track her down (I mean, I knew how to find her if I'd wanted), but considering I didn't do anything other than the "laziest possible approach" to people searching (i.e. facebook)...well, I'm just pleased that it worked out at all.

Strangely enough, she has seen the blog (?!)...or maybe not so strange (our mothers still talk to each other after all). I wonder what she thinks of the things I've written. Probably, "JB has too much time on his hands." Or maybe something about living in the past.
; )

A while back, I started writing my "personal gaming history," chronicling my life as seen through the lens of a life-long gamer. No, no...none of it has been posted to the blog (yet...)'s loooong (as one might suspect) and possibly only of interest to yours truly, even if it was to be finished and posted. Jocelyn certainly figures prominently in the early years of that history.

Huh...anyway, just hearing from her makes me try to remember back some 23+ odd years ago. My life was much different back in those days. I wonder who will be my son's friends as he grows through childhood. I wonder what (or who) he will remember fondly from his past when he's closing in on his 40th birthday.

You know, maybe my parents have similar (or had similar) thoughts about me...but I'm so oblivious I've never wondered whether they did or not.

Ugh. That's enough ruminating in that direction. Diego's still asleep, but I need to go grab a shower before dinner tonight (we're going out with non-gamer friends, so I should probably smell presentable). Hopefully, I'll have a more game-related post later.

Happy Friday, folks!
: )


  1. Congratulations on winning the award btw! Nice one. :)

  2. @ Billiam: Um...I haven't won the award, I'm just one of the five finalists, and the competition is VERY stiff. I'm pleased to even be included in such esteemed company!

  3. Congratulations on your nomination and ascension to finalist status.