Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Doctor!

And a belated Happy Flag Day (the day before Kris's birthday, every year).

Man...I have been worthless the last few days. Too much sunshine (and walks with the beagles), too much World Cup (groups, pools, TV watching, and Facebook smack-talking), too much work at the office (picking up slack for folks on vacation), too much canning of strawberry jam (all day Sunday), too many doctor appointments...and not nearly enough sleep.

Ugh. Sleep...how I miss you!

Even right now, I can barely concentrate on what I'm writing...'course I'm just stealing a few minutes away from work at a local bar so I can watch Brazil versus North Korea. The People's Republic is hanging tough right now with a 0-0 tie near the end of the first half.

All right, I'll check in later tonight (I hope). I do have (non-soccer) news of sorts.
: )

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  1. What a game!

    The North Koreans did themselves proud, and the scoreline aside, the coverage here is certainly treating the result as a Korean victory.

    Of course, the politics of the nation are abhorrent, but one hopes that the team's performance here, and later in the tournament if they keep it up, will have some kind of positive effect back home.