Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Progress Report

Just so you ain't wondering...

After wracking my brain to grind out a B/X version of the mind flayer, my brain somehow got jump-started and I've been banging out the B/X monsters the last two days for my B/X Companion. When last we [stalled] a couple moons back, I was at 28 total write-ups out of what looked to be a 75 monster list. In the last two days, I've almost doubled that number to 48 and refinded the list somewhat (though somehow "refined" means increasing the overall number to 78...don't ask me how that happens...). And that was actually just getting warmed up...I'm starting to pick up some real steam now.

[no, I am not adding the mind flayer/thought skinner to the mix]

So right now, I'm riding the wave of creativity/inspiration. My wife's leaving town tomorrow, which means I'll have free evenings to (hopefully!) be productive. I'm looking at Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and salivating...if I can knock out 15 pages before Saturday (when I have other plans) I'll be almost home with this thing!

I should probably do a spot check of the original B/X rules to estimate how many pages of art I'm going to need....

Wish me luck folks! Or godspeed anyway!

[hmmm...I guess 48 is not really "double" 28...ah, well...]

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